The world of online gambling is very varied and filled with many different game types. With so much on offer, one may wonder just which services are the most alluring and potentially successful. 3 reel slot games just happen to be some of the most accessible and potentially rewarding avenues the avid gamer can go down. This article will provide you with some background information, as well as some hot strategies on how to win big.

What Are 3 Reel Slot Games?

These are the most basic and foundational slot machines, and are the best place for novices to begin their exciting online casino adventure. They can be found in pretty much any gambling website, and will generally have a no download system, meaning you can just log in and play straight away for real money.

These games are generally free to play without any added costs. You simply put in credits with each spin, on a single payline, with just three reels to make up the probability. This may all seem very simple, but there are certainly some big strategies, which we will cover later on in this article.

Where to Find 3 Reel Slot Games

A website like offers a massive range of classic 3 reel slot games to choose from. If you pop into their 3 reels slots page you will be able to find the best slots that match this criteria. They include:

  • Fantastic Fruit
  • Keno

They also have an excellent range of classic online slot games that can be found here . These are some of the best classic examples available in the UK, and range from 3 to 5 reels. These titles include:

  • Super Monopoly Money
  • Zeus III
  • Cleopatra
  • Book of Ra
  • Buffalo
  • The Wizard of Oz

Getting Started with 3 Reel Slot Games


  • Become Familiarized with the Rules

Before you begin playing 3 reel slot games for real money, it is imperative that you do some research into the mechanics of these games. There are rules and stipulations that go with every individual slot machine, but there are overarching themes, which most games adhere to.

To find out the most information regarding the basic setup, you should call the helpline attached to an online gambling website. Your best bet would be to set up a live chat over a program like Skype, through which you can get answers to all of your questions from a helpful representative.

You should not just approach a game without a strategy in mind. It is essential that you have a plan in mind to win the most and attempt getting the jackpot. You should also become clued up on the typical winning combinations in 3 reel slot games and how to get the most out of each play.

  •  Knowing the Best Games to Play

Once you have the foundations cleared up, the next step should be to research the best and most popular online slots available. There are plenty of great games available, but there are a few that people have had the greatest successes with. Your best bet is to choose a game with a comparatively low jackpot. This game will generally have a higher chance of payouts, and even winning the actual jackpot, as bigger jackpots have a lower probability of being released.

  •       Finding out the Payout Percentages

This particular investigation is far easier to do with the bigger physical casinos, but it is still possible to get some kind of helpful information regarding the actual payout likelihood of certain gambling websites and their games. The problem here is that most online casinos employ ‘random number generator’ software, which ensures that there is no traceable winning probability, and that the payout systems are completely random.

  • Sign Up with the Best Websites

For the best treatment and overall experience possible, you really do need to ensure that you register with the most acclaimed online casino possible in the UK. Look for reviews, boards, and other trusted sources to help you find the most generous and rewarding casinos. These are the ones that reward their loyal customers for their dedication and support, are honest and transparent regarding their terms and conditions, and have a high payout rate.

  • The Best Strategies

We have identified some of the best strategies to help you win big with 3 reel slot games. These are the strategies that the best online gamblers would employ, and are guaranteed to boost your performance excellently. Newcomers to this realm should definitely heed the advice in the following section, and should incorporate it into their playing styles.


  • Roll the Bank

The first strategy is very simple. The first thing you should ever do whenever beginning an exciting session with a game is to take your bankroll and then divide it by the total amount of bets you plan on making. This will give you a rational and set amount of bets to use throughout your session. Once you earn over 20% of your initial deposit, it is time to move on to another game.

  • The ‘Two Buckets’ Approach

The second strategy is called the ‘two buckets’ approach. You want to imagine two buckets on a scale – one side contains your initial deposit, while the other contains your winnings. Once your winnings match your deposit, and the scales have been figuratively balanced, it is time to move on to a new game.


  • Small Betting Ranges

3 reel slot games are best for a small deposit. If you do not want to spend a lot of money, but want to play for a while, then this setup is the way forwards. With only three reels, and often just one payline, your maximum bet is never going to be that much. This guarantees you an extended play time, where your money will go the furthest out of any other type of slot machine.

  • Bonus Time

Although the bonus rewards or bonus rounds in 3 reel slot games may not be the most rewarding compared to more complex games, your extended period of time may very easily mean a prolonged opportunity to snag a whole bunch of bonuses. These will generally be won through the accumulation of Wild and Scatter symbols, which will come to the patient and conservative player. Make sure to rotate through various slots to keep the odds in your favor.

The world of 3 reel slot games is the simplest and easiest one any person can hope to succeed in. They are unchallenging and you will generally be ensured a decent set of winnings when engaging with them. Although they may not be as lucrative as slot machines with more reels, they are an excellent method for the steady and patient player who wants to get the most out of their money over an extended period of time, rather than rushing to the more expensive games and splurging their full deposit very quickly with the hopes of cashing in on a bigger jackpot. All it takes is a fair amount of homework and foundational grounding before you commence your gambling adventure, and the steady hand needed to conservatively make it through a carefully planned strategy.

August 17, 2017

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