Slots are considered as one of the best options for winning a big sum of money by online casino players. Although many people think that winning in slots depends purely on luck and there is nothing you can do, this is not entirely true. There exist some tips and tricks which when incorporated while betting on slot machines can significantly enhance the chances of your winning. Following these also help you win the attractive bonus offered by many online slots. In this article, we will describe fairly easy tips which will bring about a complete change in your game.

How Do 5 Reel Online Slot Machines Work?

Five reel slots are the most popular video slots owing to their tempting bonuses, interesting themes, and mini games. You can find slots of various themes ranging from classic movies to cavemen. These slots have something for every person.

Almost all five reel slots feature a standard 20 paylines which present the possibility of more combinations of symbols. These slots can be pretty complex to understand if you are used to playing 3 reel slots.

There are many interesting 5 reel slots available out there such as Buffalo, Keno and Fantastic Fruit which offer huge payout, bonus features and have mind blowing graphics.

A random number generator program is used in these machines which generate numbers constantly. These numbers determine the stopping position of the each reel once you have pressed the ‘spin’ slot machine screenshot

Online Slot Machine: Tips & Tricks

Now that you have read about the online slots and how they work, it is about time we present some fact based tips and tricks which can make a difference to your winnings. These tips are tried and tested by many experts who have ample experience in this field.

  • Always play for fun
    Slots have been designed for entertainment purposes and in no way you should consider slots as an alternative means of earning money. One thing which you should always keep in mind is that the house has a mathematical edge which means that it is certain that you will win; it depends mostly on your luck. Do not hope to win the every bet you place, expect occasional losing sometimes. Your main goal while playing online slots should be entertainment.
  • Become a part of the slots club
    If you are a regular casino player, then it is better to join a slot club. There are various casinos which offer rebates, rewards and loyalty bonuses to their regular customers. Mostly, a card is given to the players and when inserted into the machine, records the complete action you have contributed to the casino. This can be redeemed in the form of refreshments, food, travel benefits and refund of some portion of the money you have spent in the casino. There is a myth that when you are playing with your slot card, fewer payouts are offered by the slot which is actually not true.
  • Payout Tables are Important
    Understanding payout tables of the slot are the smartest way to select the slot. In a payout table, you will find the payout you will receive when a specific symbol appears on a payline. In five reel online slot machines found in the UK, you get different payouts for different symbols, i.e., some symbols will have huge payouts while on landing other symbols, you will get fewer payouts. Machines which offer a varied range of payouts is considered ideal for risk taking players. In payout tables, you will also find the rules and conditions imposed on free spins, bonus features, progressive jackpots, etc. Make it a habit to read payout tables every time you play on a five reel online slot machine.
  • Use the bet max button to win possible progressive Jackpots
    In slots with five or more reels, it is wise to play with all the activated paylines and a maximum number of coins wagered on the each active payline because winning combination gets paid only if it lands on an active payline. In many progressive jackpots, it is compulsory to play with all activated paylines and maximum wagered coins, and you cannot hit the jackpot without fulfilling these two conditions. To activate all paylines and to wager maximum coins in a video slot, you can use the ‘Bet Max’ button. It is a noteworthy fact that there is no effect on the current coin size choice when you use the bet max button.
  • Always look out for bigger bonuses
    One of the reasons why five reel slot is considered better than the three reel slot is the huge amount offered in the bonus games. Read payout table of the slot thoroughly to know about the combination of the symbols which you should look out for in order to win bonus games. Apart from the bonuses offered in the game, keep an eye out for promotional bonuses and festival bonuses. Promo offers of many casinos can help you win free spins, normal match bonus, etc. You can subscribe to various casinos to promptly receive the news about the running bonus offer.
  • Know your limits
    Before placing a bet in any video slot, get an idea of your bankroll and bet according to it. If you are winning, then bet big and when you are losing, bet small. Following this rule will never get you in any kind of trouble. Also, never bet more than you can pay. Many people bet a bigger amount when they lose to recover the loss but lose more instead. It is better not to think that the losses in the casino cannot be recovered by betting a bigger slot machine gameplay

There are many five reel online slot machines which can be played for free, and no download is required as well. These tips and tricks can help you win real money from video slots by increasing your odds of winning. The maximum part of the result in video slots depends upon your luck as a random number generator is used, but still the tips mentioned above can be helpful at times.

September 30, 2017

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