If you are not so new to the online gambling industry, you have probably stumbled upon one article or two describing bitcoins and many other facts regarding this cryptocurrency. On the other hand, the word Bitcoin casinos might be a completely new concept, but do not fret, the purpose of this article is to enlighten you. Therefore, if you are looking for a change from your old gaming experience, casinos accepting this new form of currency are the way to go. Don’t believe me? Stick with me as I take you through six facts you should know about Bitcoin Casinos.

Bitcoin Casinos are Legally Accepted Worldwide

Owing to the fact that some of us reside in areas far away from brick and mortar casinos, it is a hassle to experience the gaming sessions offered here. However, this should be no excuse to any player to stop engaging in gambling activities. On the contrary, with the advent of online gaming sites, players can play their favorite games at the comfort of their homes. What if I live in an area where online gambling is prohibited? Well, this is where bitcoin casinos come in. These online gambling sites are not regulated like traditional gaming sites, no, no, no.

This means that players from gambling restricted countries like the USA and some parts of the UK can legally register with these websites and kick-start their gaming experience. What’s more, these casinos provide the anonymity factor. Therefore, you do not need to provide your personal information including your name, ID number and Bank account details while registering as a member.bitcoin casino features

A Wide Gaming Portfolio

If you are out to enjoy the most exhilarating games including progressive slots, enticing table games, live dealer games, card games, dice and thrilling classical slot games, Bitcoin Casinos should be your one stop destination. Considering the fact that slots are the most popular games across the web, it is not surprising that these websites host an incredibly large variation of slot machines. Some of the most popular slots you are likely to encounter include Wheel of Fortune, Book of Ra, Buffalo Slots, Keno and Fantastic Fruit. Moreover, you can enjoy these games free or for real money via the no download feature.

Just because these online gambling sites offer, a massive variety of slots does not mean that they completely forget about the other game variants. Interact with professional live dealers as you enjoy some of your favorite table games in HD quality. Moreover, Bitcoin gambling sites are known for their sportsbook and race book collection. Wager in a variety of sports for a chance to cash out big! That said, no traditional online website could come close to their extensive gaming portfolio.

Enjoy the Fastest Transactions in the Web

If there is one feature that Bitcoin Casinos have managed to use to stay ahead of their competitors, is the quick and instantaneous deposits and withdrawals. Long withdrawal times, limited banking hours, strict and stringent rules put in place by most banking options are completely obviated. This means that immediately you land a win, you can enjoy the proceeds of your payout as soon as you hit the withdrawal button. Gone are the days when you have to wait for 7 days for your funds to reflect on your bank account. To add onto the good news, all your withdrawals are safe and secure via this platform and the value of the bitcoin is increasing at a supersonic speed.

Delight in the Bitcoin’s Anonymous Feature

If you have been gaming for awhile, I bet you know the strict measures that come along with using banks and credit cards as a mode of funding your gambling activities. Apart from the long waits you have to endure for your transaction to be verified, it is not surprising to run into a couple of setbacks once in awhile. Speaking of setbacks, the most devastating one is when some credit card organizations reject your credit due to your affiliation with the gambling network. If you have been longing to evade these frustrations, good news for Bitcoin cryptocurrency is here.

Featuring an amazing anonymous feature, Bitcoin does not require you to provide any of your personal information. If you ask me, these sites give you the power to partake in your gambling activities away from the prying eyes of everyone that is against online casino gaming.bitcoin casino guide

Here is a Chance to Reap Something out of Nothing!

No matter how rich and greatly endowed one is, it is impossible to ignore the desire to want something for absolutely nothing. It is simply human nature. Therefore, it is no wonder that most online gambling sites offer thrilling bonuses and promotions. Now that you are aware of the fact that you can reap multiple rewards without spending a dime, allow me to save you the hassle of searching for the site with the most rewarding offers, by visiting any bitcoin casino today. Yes, Bitcoin Casinos offer the best deals in the web. Featuring no deposit and deposit bonuses, landing a large payout has never been this easy.

How to Get Started with Bitcoin Casinos

First things first, you need to own bitcoins in a bid to participate in the site’s gaming activities. To do this, you are presented with two options including purchasing the cryptocurrency from the Block chain site or undertaking the process of mining. If you hate the long procedures involved in the setup of a traditional bank account, then you should consider the first option of acquiring bitcoins. Simply create a Casino account and proceed to purchase bitcoins from the Block chain website. Since the value of this cryptocurrency keeps increasing by the day, be sure to check the market price before making your purchase.

The second option is to undertake the production of the currency yourself through mining. Mining is the use of an intricate mathematical formula to produce bitcoins. Since the process involves the creation of currency, you should invest in a very powerful hardware in a bid to make your mining successful. It is critical to note that the number of bitcoins is limited hence, in a few years this method of obtaining them will be obsolete.

September 26, 2017

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