There are various slot games with different categories, themes, and playing tables. They possess a different number of paylines, bonus levels, free rounds prize pools, graphic design and symbol strength. Some pokies offer huge prizes (Mega Moolah, Zeus, etc.), some are more decent, but they all work on the same principle. These are games of luck, and they can be played directly via an internet browser with no download required. Yeah, they are games of chances, but all experienced bettors know how to improve their odds of winning in just a few simple steps.

Online Slots Strategy Parameters

Before a gamer starts to play any casino machine, he/she should check out the game developer and game fairness. This is a very important task when it comes to picking the right gaming strategy. Pick the slot which the fair system infused in it. This will guarantee that a gambler will have the same odds of success every time he/she gamble. Here is a list of parameters that should be checked before choosing a gaming plan for a certain machine:

  • Find the RTP of a game. The theoretical return to a player is a very important task. This data can be found in the game description for most of the casino machines. If a player cannot find this information for a certain slot, try some of the pokie reviews available online.
  • Volatility – the volatility for a game, presents the risk of losing money. Bettors can find games with low, medium or high volatility. The bigger are the stakes, the higher is the risk of losing big cash amounts.
  • Table Settings –A gamer should pay attention to parameters like the number of pay lines and bet values when choosing the game strategy. Games with the higher number of pay lines have more winning combinations.
  • Free Opportunities – this is the main thing for many gamblers when choosing their favorite online slot machine. The reason is simple, free rounds mean extra winning chances.

Online Slots Strategy Tips and Guidelines

Before a gamer starts gambling, it’s good to choose the spinning method. Some slots offer the manual and automatic types of spinning. Auto rounds are used for more comfort gaming, but make sure to check and adjust the auto roll settings so you don’t miss any free round opportunity. When playing a game for the first time, check out all the rules, symbols, extra cards, bonus levels, jackpot and free spin availability. This information can be often found in the “Paytable” window. Here is an example of a good playing strategy for a pokie with free spins and wild cards:

  • Try to find the wanted number of scatter cards (3 or more in most of the cases)
  • Activate the free round to increase the number of winning chances
  • If the free spin bonus feature possesses the re-triggering option, find more scatter symbols to repeat the process again.
  • Search for wild icons. These signs substitute cards and create new scoring combinations)
  • If a pokie possess a sticky wild (special type of wild symbols which hold their position), gather them as much as possible
  • The most important tip for any game is to spins the wheel of fortune more. This seems like a simple and unimportant tip, but it can actually make a difference between losing and scoring a jackpot prize.
  • Set the number of pay lines to the maximum. By doing it, a gamer will dramatically increase the odds of success, because the more lines are active, the higher is a number of win combos that can appear on reels.
  • Adjust the stakes to the maximum. If a gamer sets the wager to the highest value, the biggest payouts can be won.

Online Slots Strategy for Jackpot and Bonus Prizes

Games which offer progressive jackpots are popular among bettors. Players from the UK and another part of the world can score thousands for just a single spin. Fair gambling system will secure that every gamer has equal chances of scoring jackpot prizes, so search for games from vendors with the approved fairness. Most of the progressive jackpot slot machines require from players to qualify for the biggest payout by setting the stakes to the maximum, so be sure to do that when playing this type of casino games. Many slots offer bonus levels which can be triggered by activating special signs. Be sure to find them to increase the odds even more. Bonus levels often require from bettors to:

  • Spin the wheel of fortune for advancing toward big jackpot rewards
  • Reveal different type of prizes (free spins, cash pools, multipliers, etc.)
  • Find hidden treasures and solve puzzles for obtaining cash rewards

The most important tip for this kind of casino slot is to be patient and to choose wisely. More rounds will allow a player to gain extra scoring possibilities. If a gamer is searching for a life-changing win, the progressive jackpot machines are a good choice, but bettors should be aware that the odds of scoring a 1000 000 dollar prize pool are not so big. Sometimes, it’s better to take is slowly and step by step. Big cash amounts can be won gradually. The casino machines with the huge jackpot rewards often have lower winning odds, sometimes even up to 5%. Some will say, that’s just 5%, but actually, this is a big number when it comes to slot games. All machines with a high prize pool are taking a part of the staked money to add them to the jackpot prize, and this is a reason why they have a slightly smaller winning odds.


Gambling Chances and Strategies

For all gamers who like to risk it, they should check out games with the gambling feature. It’s not hard to qualify for this contest, just create a winning line and the gambling options will be available. Some gambling rooms require from bettors to pick the next card color to double the money, or even quadruple if they get the right card suit. There is no special math here, this is a simple game of risk. The other type of gambling feature is to beat the dealer. This is a moment when a good strategy choice can be very handy. First, the dealer’s card will be displayed, and a gamer will see four flipped down cards in the most of the cases. The goal is beat the dealer by picking the stronger card. Gamers should be aware of the amount that they want to gamble. For example, if a dealer’s card is 4 and a player staked 15£, take a chance, there are 10 more cards that can beat the dealer, so the odds are definitively on your side. Gamers should be aware that if the guess is wrong, all of the previously earned money will be lost, so pick your moves carefully. Don’t just risk. Play with the calculated risk chances no matter if you are betting for the real money or for fun. If a gamer’s guess is right, the process can be repeated again and the money will be doubled. Good strategy and risk calculation can make a difference between losing money and doubling the win amount. But in the end, this is a gambling room, and who risk it, wins it.

Budget Awareness

Before a gamer starts to spin the wheel of luck, he/she should be aware of the gambling budget, so that a right strategy can be implemented. There is no point of playing high volatility pokies and setting the bets and pay lines to the maximum if that will last only for a few spins. The best tip for gamers with a limited budget is to find a low to medium volatility slot casino machine. This will allow a player to spin the wheel multiple times, and more rounds mean more winning chances.

Find a Favorite Slot Machine

Gamers can find many different strategies, tips, and guidelines to improve the odds, but all bettors should keep this information in their heads, the house will always win. This doesn’t mean, that a gamer cannot score some serious cash. It’s a simple math. Machines are constructed in a way that a house will always have an advantage. The RNG or the Random Number Generator is a program that will guarantee a total randomness, so everyone can be a winner at any time. It’s just a simple game of chances, so play it like that. The best strategy is to find a game you like. There are many themed pokies, classic slots, modern looking and others. Before implementing any betting strategy, find the one that you like the most. Be patient, and enjoy betting.

August 15, 2017

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