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Every player has his favorite type of pokie (themed slots, adventure, classic, winter, 3-D, classic, modern looking, etc.). They all have different prize pools and play styles. There are no better or worse slots, it’s all up to someone taste and desire. Some bettors enjoy in slow and patient game style, advancing slowly and steady. On the other side, some players are searching for huge prizes that can be gained in single rounds. The obvious best choice is the pokies which offer huge jackpot prizes (Vikings’ Treasure, Keno, etc.).

Online Slots Jackpot System

Before a gamer decides to start playing any jackpot online pokie in the UK and another area, he/she should know how these machines function. Some game vendors like the Microgaming possess their own jackpot network. These type of games can be explained on the principle of a Mega Moolah slot coming from this game producer. The Mega Moolah slot has a unique network. It is connected with 4 more games, so this means that a gambler can get the highest payout by playing any of them. The prize has a starting point, and the number just keeps growing as gamers spin the wheel more. Part of the wagered cash from a non-winning rounds is added to a jackpot mega prize. This game specifically has 4 type of prizes:

  • Mini
  • Minor
  • Major
  • Mega

Gamers can win these rewards by entering the bonus level. Prize progress can be tracked all the time, and it is displayed on the Microgaming’s official website. Most of the games have a meter displayed in a visible place so a gamer can see it directly while playing.online slots jackpot guide

Who Gets the Prize?

All prizes in any online casino slot machine are won totally randomly. This is possible thanks to a program called the RNG or the Random Number Generator. Its task is simple, to randomly determine the winning rounds. Because this is a fair gambling system, every player has an even chance of getting huge real money prize every time he/she spins the wheel of luck. Even when a gambler gets the biggest possible payout, the odds of doing it again will be the same as the first time. This system guarantees that everyone can get a grip of jackpot money at any moment. So, it’s all a simple math and a game of odds. If fortune is on your side, be prepared to change your life upside down.

Best Way to Gain Online Slots Jackpot

The first thing that a gamer needs to do is to pick the desired game with a progressive prize. Choose the one that fits your budget the best. There is a slot for everyone’s pocket. When this is done, bettors should check out what are the requirements for the Jackpot rewards. A gamer often needs to spin the wheel with stakes set to the maximum to be qualified for the biggest payouts. Good strategy implementation can help a gambler to play more rounds without losing big money amounts. Search for games with lots of free spins. To trigger extra rounds players need to collect 3 or more scatter icons (in most of the cases). By doing this, a gamer will get more free spins, which dramatically increases playing time and the number of played rounds. The more turns are spun, the higher are the odds that a jackpot opportunity will appear. To enhance the odds, even more, search for games that offer the re-triggering option. One great example is the slot machine made by the NetEnt called the Mega Fortune. To gain the biggest possible outcome, a gamer needs to spin the jackpot mega wheel. The wheel is filled with cash prizes and arrows for advancing towards higher numbers. The goal is to enter into a center and collect the highest payout. In a case that a player doesn’t win a monster cash amount, there are many other more modest values, so collect them and have more luck next time.

The Biggest Online Slots Jackpot Prizes

In a world of gaming, Jackpot prizes are everyone’s dream. What can be better than thousand of dollars won in a single spin? Some bettors prefer to take it slowly, step by step and some are spinning the wheel for just one reason, to score big. Here is a list of 4 pokies with the highest prize pools:

  • Mega Moolah – this pokie holds the absolute record when it comes to jackpot payouts. A gamer from the Finland actually staked 25 cents and claimed the biggest prize ever won on a slot machine. This player won a figure around 24 million $. This can be easily called the definitions of fortune and luck.
  • Mega Fortune – This slot machine is well-known in a world of gambling. On September 2011, a gamer from Norway won a monster jackpot reward on this pokie obtaining almost 12 million euros. At that time this was actually the Guinness World Record.
  • Mega Moolah – this pokie find its place again on a list of biggest prizes ever won, but this time on a mobile device. The required deposit was 1$, and a player won $8.82 million. Not bad for a single spin on a mobile device.
  • Hall of Gods – The game made by the famous NetEnt game developer made one anonymous player a millionaire in just a single spin. This gambler won somewhere around $8.73 million.online slots jackpot tips

What Pokie to Try?

Gamers often don’t know which type of game to try. Every slot machine has a defined RTP. The theoretical return to a player for progressive jackpot games is slightly smaller (can go up to 5%). The main reason for this difference is because the prize pool for these slots is added from the parts of a non-winning rounds. This means that every time when a gamer spins the wheel of luck and doesn’t get the winning combination, a jackpot meter value will change. Numbers just keep growing, so the more popular is the game, the higher the reward is going to be. It’s up to players to choose do they want to play games without big jackpot prizes or to wait for a life-changing mega reward.

Why Are Jackpot Slots Popular?

In a world of gambling, slots are made to be interesting and to provide a unique adrenalin rush feeling while a gambler is spinning the wheel. The bigger the stakes and rewards, the higher is the excitement level. Game developers are doing their best to replicate and transfer the feeling from the machines that can be played in casinos directly to the PC, mobile and tablet device with no download required.

Online gaming experience is a unique feeling. Bettors who are playing progressive online slots are aware that they can become millionaires at any moment. The best example is a Finland player who gambled 25 cents and won millions. But gamblers should know that this type of games requires time and patient. If you are feeling lucky and like to play pokies with big prize pools, progressive slots are the right thing. Be aware that not anyone can win this real money jackpot, but at least it’s a fair contest with equal odds for every player who decides to take his/her chances.

October 5, 2017

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