Online casinos have become very popular in the lives of gamblers today. Whether you are just trying it out on a free slot for fun, or if you are confident enough and like to take the chance in winning really big money on real money slots, both of these categories have different types of games and ways to play them. Let’s take a closer look at how these two types differentiate from each other.

No Download Games for Real Money Slots

There are three popular developers of no download games, NetEnt, Microgaming and IGT, which use java scripts and other flash drives to play these online games. No download means exactly that, no downloads onto your device, just easy to log on and use. These games are sometimes misinterpreted as slot machines that you are not able to win big bonuses on, however; they are actually one of the most gratifying games as they offer bonuses and loyalty programs coupled with ease of use.

Welcome Bonus and Loyalty Programs

Players playing for real money automatically qualify for bonuses and loyalty programs, this is also pertaining to the downloadable games. Welcome bonuses are normally very inviting on no download online games. You have to ensure you choose the correct option and casino for you.
Loyalty programs are also very popular to no download games, the more you bet real money, the more loyalty points you will qualify for.

Popular no Download Casino Slots

  • Wheel of fortune – This is a very popular game amongst UK players. It is created according to the TV show of 70’s.The five reels and five pay lines can create 720 ways to win. As the wheel spin, you stand a chance to win big jackpots.
  • Zeus – This online game is as expected about the Greek God, however, the extraordinary graphics and the enthusiastic characters makes it a very exhilarating game to play. With 5 reels and 30 pay lines, Zeus will ensure a thrilling experience.
    real money slots game

Payment Options – Real Money Slots

Real money slots can be topped up by using the following methods, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa debit card and much more. These options are safe and secure, and all account information remains confidential. They are also able to provide exchanges to a few currencies such as US Dollar, Euro, Sterling Pounds, Australian Dollars and more.
They will normally require a deposit amount before you are able to start playing these games. The time frame of the pay-out will determine what type of slot machines you are playing. If you are playing in-house in a casino, your winnings are normally paid out immediately.

Progressive Slots – Free Online Slots for Fun

These slot machines have become more and more popular. People trying out the gambling scene will normally start on these slots, as they do not require a minimum deposit. Most free games give you a 7 day trial period, where you can learn how to play the games without committing to a casino account. They are very accessible via all the online channels, and there is no risk of losing anything. Progressive slot machines are fuelled by everyone playing, as a small amount of every bet it allocated to the winning jackpot. This is how massive jackpots grow, and people smile from ear to ear when they win them.

Types of Progressive Online Slot Machines

There are various types of progressive slots, and as this has become so popular, more and more slot machines are developed in the progressive style. Microgaming is a huge developer of progressive online slot machines.

  • Standalone – These types are known to be unique to a certain slot machine, and only bets made on that particular slot machine will fuel the jackpot. These types are mostly found in-house, and the jackpots are not that high, usually around $10 000.
  • Local – Also very popular slots. They are linked to other slot machines, however only fixed to a certain casino. Thus, the jackpot is a bit higher than the standalone slot machines. They are in the range of about $100 000.
  • Wide area – these slots are the most well-known slot machines today. They are very widespread and can be linked across several casinos. This is a guarantee that the bonus jackpots can go sky high, as high as $10 000 000.

Popular Progressive Online Slots.

  • Wheel of fortune – This is available in the free play as well as real money. Very prevalent to most casinos and a lot of online casinos. Some of the characters are cruise ships, cars, and fruits known on many game displays. These free progressive slot machines are good experience before you decide that it’s time to win real money.
  • Cleopatra’s gold – This progressive slot is an old favorite, not only in the UK but in the rest of the world too. It has a simpler feel to it and is loved by many. The Pyramids are high in anticipation, as this will guarantee your winnings to be multiplied up to 500 and up to 3 free games. Cleopatra is filled with many Egyptian characters and will ensure and very exciting gameplay.real money slots online

How Do Free Online Slots Differ from Real Money Slots Pay Out?

  • Real Money slots
    Your money will be credited to your account immediately; however, depending on your method of payment, it will determine how long the actual payment to your account will take.
  • Free slots for fun
    Your credits will be credited to your account immediately and should you decide to cash out, it will be loaded to account to enable you to place bets again from the account. There will be no physical pay out, linked to currency.

Having a look at both the options you have, when playing casino games online, playing for real money will always be more rewarding; however, if you feel like taking a few spins while relaxing, then rather go for the free option. You will have the best of both worlds on one device.

September 25, 2017

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