In a world of gaming, slot machines are one of the most played games. At the beginning, people have to go to the casino to play their favorite slot, but these days they are available at every step. Just open any internet browser and log in to your favorite casino site. The popularity of online slot games is growing every day. Game developers are putting up everything they have to satisfy the new and rising gaming market. One of the newest events are the slot tournaments which are organized by many best casinos worldwide.

Best Slots To Play in Online Tournaments

Vendors like the Microgaming, Novomatic, Playtech, and others are the leading developers with new ideas and slots coming up every day. Here is a list of some of the most popular slot categories:

  • 3-D
  • Classic
  • Modern
  • Old-school
  • Themed pokies (Cleopatra’s Gold, The Wizard of Oz, etc.)

Every gambler has a favorite slot. Gamers can choose between a big variety of low, medium and high volatility machines. But for those who want to try something new and love to play betting games, the slot tournaments are definitively something that you don’t want to miss.Slot Tournaments online

Basic Rules of Online Slot Tournament

Any gamer from the UK and other regions are free to try it with no play in tournament without downloading the game. Rules are very simple:

  • Sign up for the upcoming event and take a seat.
  • All gamblers have the equal time which will be determined by the officials.
  • Starting credit amount will be displayed on a screen.
  • When a player gets a winning combination, the earned money will be shown on a separate counter.
  • Bettors can spin the wheel until the times is up.
  • A cash that every gamer has earned will be compared and a winner will be pronounced when all scores are set side by side.

Most Popular Slot Tournament Types

For all gamers who want to participate in one of this special events here are a couple of ways to do it:

Online Casino Tournaments

The first thing that a gamer needs to do is to search for the favorite online casino gaming site. Create the account, finish the registration process and that’s it. But make sure to check if online tournaments are in the casino’s offer. There is a good reason why online gambling sites organize this kind of events, and it’s not the money. Gaming platforms actually very often lose cash when organizing slot contest. But as always, the house is somehow always winning. Casinos cannot earn any big money amount with this kind of events, but they can get something even better. And that are new players. Casino machine tournaments are fun to play and they attract many gamers, new and the old ones. The trustworthy casino will actually get back all of the invested cash multiple times. But if a gamer is searching for a fun and new way of gambling this way of betting is certainly going to be interesting. And while doing this, gain some money, because the odds will be much higher than in a solo version.

Free Slot Tournaments

It cannot get any better than this. To enter this tournament, a gambler just needs an account at the favorite betting place. There are no qualifications or cash-in limitations. It is totally free and available for all players above 18 years old. If you never tried this way of gambling, the free slot tournaments are the right place to start. Prizes are maybe not huge and a life-changers, but it can be a good practice before entering any bigger event for some serious money rewards. They can be played at most of the online casino sites at the determined schedule. Gamers can even login via their mobile phones for the more comfortable gaming experience. This way, a player won’t be limited by one stationary gaming place.

Invitational Tournaments

These events are just for the loyal players and high-rollers. There is no ticket that can be bought or the free entry. A gambler just needs to bet more at the high-roll tables to be invited. If a player has a favorite betting place, and gambling regularly, there is good chance that he/she is going to be invited to this kind of an event. Invitational tournaments often offer huge real-money prizes, and they are very attractive to gamers.

Offline Casino Tournaments

For all fans of classic slot machine tournaments, the casinos are often organizing events such as 100$ entry events with prize pools up to 20 000$ (if all of the wagered cash is returned). Beside real cash prizes, gamers can enjoy in other features like free hotel rooms, parties, banquets, food tables, discounts and benefits in other games, etc.Slot Tournaments review

How to Make Money in Slot Tournaments?

Gamers are aware that slot machines are games of luck and odds, but the chances can be improved dramatically if the right strategy is implemented. All slot machines are using the RNG program (Random Number Generator). This program will distribute the winning combinations and bonus prizes randomly and evenly, so every gamer has the equal scoring chances. Here are some useful tips that can help a gamer to obtain cash in a slot tournament:

  • Be sure to use all coins. This is the basic rule of any slot tournament, but many gamers get destructed by other people and forget about the time limitation. If a player sets the stakes to the minimum amount, there are some good chances that this kind of play style will lead to breaking the determined time period. So two basic rules are actually to stay focused and adjust the bets to the maximum amount. When a gambler is sure that he/she will finish in time, it’s not bad to change the bets to a little lower value.
  • Find online tournaments. In this type of event, a gambler will have the upper hand. Like mentioned before, some casinos don’t even make any money by organizing slot tournaments. So choose the tournaments wisely to increase the odds of success. Many online casinos offer a big guaranteed prize pool, so make sure to participate in these events as much as possible.
  • One more useful tip is to check out the ratio between a prize pool and a number of bettors. Try to find tournaments with bigger prizes and lower number of people to increase the chances of winning.
  • The most important tip is to have fun. No matter how good a gamer implements a playing strategy, slot machines are games of luck and chances. Sometimes, luck is all you will need to score big in this kind of competition.

Big Prizes in Slot Tournament

Free events are certainly the most attractive to players for the obvious reason, but if a gambler wants to test his/her skills more seriously and to win bigger prizes, real money entry tournaments could be the right choice. Try some free competitions before entering in a big league. Entry for this kind of tournament is higher, but so are the rewards. A part of the money that bettors use to enter this event is added to the prize pool. This means that the odds will be slightly higher than in free contests.

October 6, 2017

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