The online casino is a world of its own. There are plenty online casinos, which along with fun, offer high winning amount. But if you are a beginner, then it can be a challenge to grasp all the needed information before you invest your money. We have compiled this article to give you a general idea of online casino slots, and we have also included some tips for novice players to maximise the chances of winnings. Even if you have basic knowledge about the rules and terms of online casino slots, the article will provide you some tips which can change your game completely. This article will not make you a professional player overnight, but it can surely prevent you from the various traps and scams running in this industry.

Types of Online Casino Games

If you have come across the term online casino, then we must tell you that there are several games out there, and they are categorised according to the following types:

  1. Slots

These are the most common game type in a gambling house. There are various examples such as classic, video, 3d slots, fruit machines, progressive, single and multiple payline slots etc. They are interesting to play, and you can also win big amount of real money.

  1. Table games

Table games include all kinds of card games such as blackjack, pay how poker, baccarat and other similar games. It can also constitute dice games like roulette and craps.

  1. Poker games

In this category, all the video poker games are included. They are similar to slots. Poker is mostly played in the UK and in European countries.

  1. Specialty games

Specialty games are the ones which do not fit in any of the above-given categories. Games like bingo, scratch, keno, and lottery games are included in this category.

In this article, we will mainly focus on online slots because it is the most popular type of online casino games, and it is a game of chance, whereas most of the other games are games of skill which mean you need the luck to win while other games test your skill.

Online Casino Slots: Strategy

There exists a vast array of slots which can help you win big, but you need to choose the right kind of slot on the basis of your playing style and payout offered by the slot. Chalking out a strategy and following it while playing online slots may seem like a boring idea, but to maximise your winning probability it is necessary.

The first step towards chalking out a strategy is to select the right slot machine.

  1.    Video slots: They are usually the video version of classic slots with reel machine. They have some prominent features like bonus features, free spins, multipliers etc. They are fun filled, and they provide regular payouts.
  2.    Jackpot slots: These are more or less similar to video slots. Although they are more complex and difficult to understand, they offer clearer paylines. The payouts are higher in Jackpot slot, but not as frequent as video slot.
  3.    Progressive slots: In progressive slot, a percentage of your wager is added to a cumulative jackpot, which further lessens the frequency of payouts, but in progressive slots, you can win a massive amount of money.

Now that you know all about the types of casino slot machines available out there, you must choose the right slot accordingly.

Online Casino Slots: Finding a Good One

There are various software providers who roll out interesting online slot machines with higher pay rates. For example, Zeus, Buffalo, Keno, Cleopatra’s coins, Avalon and Wheel of Fortune are some of the popular slots these days.

Before choosing an online slot, visit different websites and look out for popular slot machines. Check whether the website is offering free games to test out, payment methods accepted by the website, withdrawal methods and the time of withdrawal. Most websites run sign up bonus and walk around and choose the website which is offering the highest sign-up bonus. Progressive slots are offered by a handful of websites, therefore, if you are planning to play progressive slot games then, check beforehand whether the website is offering progressive slots or not.

Online Casino: Tips for Novice

Playing online casino games may sound easy and fun, but when your hard earned money is on the stake, you need to take a couple of precautions while playing. By following the below-given tips, you can win big amount of money without risking your money.

  1. Decide your bankroll and stick to it

It is the most obvious tip one can give you. Online casino games are fun to play, but if you are losing more than you are winning, it isn’t fun anymore. Set aside an amount which you can put on the stake, and once it’s over do not bet. These days, most casino providers set a limit on how much amount you can deposit on daily/weekly/ monthly basis, therefore, keeping a check on your temptations.

  1. Do not go after your losses

Chasing your losses is the worst advice one can give you. By adopting this advice, you become more prone to losing money. Chasing your losses refers to a situation where you refuse to accept your loss and keep playing in a hope of winning and making up for all the loss you have incurred. Casino games are unpredictable and you don’t know what’s coming next, therefore, there are very few chances that you will hit a win to cover up all your losses.

  1. Free spins are fantastic

Free spins are the most helpful feature of any online casino games. It is one of the best casino bonuses you can grab. There are no deposit free spins in which you don’t need to put in any money to get free spins which means longer gaming experience and more chances of winning by putting less money on the stake.

  1. Try out some free slots before depositing your money

If you are a novice, we advise you to play some free slots online before committing your cash in any casino. You need to ensure that you have complete knowledge of all the aspects of the online casino before chipping in your money. There are many websites which offer free slots. Try your hands on some slots to get a grip on the working of a casino machine.

  1. Follow a pattern

Always follow a pattern where you bet big money when you are on a winning streak and switch to less money when you are losing. This will make sure that you don’t lose more than your bankroll. Keeping a check on your bankroll while playing online casino games is extremely important. You don’t want yourself to walk out as a bankrupt from the casino.

  1. Read the rules

Before playing any online casino game, go through all the rules of the game so that you have complete knowledge about the terms and features of the slot. Make sure you know about the minimum number of coins and their denomination on the machine before betting.

Online gambling has emerged out as the favourite pass time of the people all over the world as everything is online and no download is needed. We advise you to consider it as a leisure activity to kill time and to keep yourself entertained and do not consider it as a means to earn money. You can’t quit your job to win money from a casino. You will not always win; there will be times when you will be losing more than your winning. Keep calm and quit the game then.

August 11, 2017

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