Without a doubt, the days of receiving cash outs in small doses when it comes to the world of online slots are long behind us. In the current era, the substantial bankroll lies in the progressive jackpots as well as the lucrative payouts which have been the reason behind the plethora of millionaires in the last few years, not mention boosting the bank accounts of a copiousness of gamblers across the globe.
With that said, if you would like to score some substantial amount of money under your belt, then you ought to consider this list of profitable casino slot games.

Millionaire Genie

One punter with immense luck up his sleeve successfully scored a substantial progressive jackpot worth £2.4 Million, while partaking in this game. Hence, this made him the richest player across the UK. Furthermore, there is a myriad of wins available which include a profitable free spin, a real money jackpot which can be as high as £500,000. In Millionaire Genie, you will notice that this slickly designed as well as eminent game remains one of the most lucrative slot machines in the industry. For those who would like to be a part of the winning team, they can sign up at the incredible 888 Casino.

Hall of Gods

About four years ago in April of the year 2013, a lucky Swedish guy emerged as a champion in the gameplay of this slot, with a substantial progressive jackpot amounting to £6.7 million. More often than not, the pot gets up to millions of pounds but with second as well as third tier pots providing hundreds of thousands of British Pounds at the famous Mr. Green Casino, there is no doubt that there are great opportunities to scoop a significant amount of life-changing money. If you believe you can walk away as a stoked champion in the Hall of Gods, then you should register with Mr. Green and embark on your quest.
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The Avengers

It goes without saying that marvel slots are indeed an intriguing prospect for jackpot lovers with a myriad of lucrative pots available. With that said, they run the gamut from Ultimate Power, Super Power and Extra Power, to mention a few, and can topple over the highest rank of £200,000 at Winner. Nevertheless, a plethora of bettors recommend The Avengers over other Marvel games, with the main reason being that on top of these superhuman progressive rewards, there is a bonus round which is challenging to defeat. Additionally, the Wall of Heroes provides a varying feature of Free Spins for every Avenger, upon the acquisition of three or more matching hero symbols on the wall. Unveiling a Loki icon brings the game to a halt. However, players will successfully tackle a myriad of rounds before attaining this symbol. Thus, this makes it a serious blockbuster slot with a volatility which is astronomically low. If this game tickles your fancy, you can relish in it at Winner Casino, among others, and get the opportunity of scoring some big wins.

Millionaires Club III

For starters, a lady named Noura who happens to be a mother of two beautiful children, walked away with an ear-to-ear grin on her face after attaining a substantial £935,100 on a small stake level of $10 through spinning one of the top offers from Cryptologic in this game. As a regular gambler with Lady Luck on her side, Noura also successfully attained a profitable £43,000 for partaking in the famous Incredible Hulk video slot.
It is safe to say that Noura is a big fan of the jackpots in Millionaires Club III. The Lastly, slot machine which comprises of 20 pay lines and 5 reels has sent out a cornucopia of invitations for players to try their luck and walk away with millions up their sleeves gamblers can partake in this slot at the Net Bet Casino, for instance.

Monty Python’s Spamalot

After the creation of a cornucopia of ground-breaking comedies, various classical cult movies, not to mention an incredible musical play, the Pythons have a new addition to their list of accomplishments, and that is the Monty Python’s Spamalot. In this game which requires no download, players embark on a journey in the quest of the Holy Grail delivering a dose of insanity, mayhem, as well as Terry Gilliam’s trademark whose animated absurdity comes from the film. Nevertheless, it is the progressive jackpot which usually goes beyond £1 million at Ladbrokes Casino for instance, which makes it stand out from the rest.

Mega Moolah

For a fact, Mega Moolah tops the list of the best progressive jackpot games. Hence, it assures that the champion of this game will emerge a stoked millionaire of more than £2 million. With a striking similarity to the Marvel slots, there is a coterie of tiers of progressive cash rewards to walk away with, running the gamut from Major, Mine and Minor prizes, which bear a few hundreds to hundreds of thousands of GBP’s. In addition to that, there is the in-game pot which gives participants the chance of walking away with 15,000 credits. As such, this means that Mega Moolah has a total of five varying pots, with all of them offering substantial payouts.
If you would like to try your luck at becoming a millionaire in the blink of an eye, then you should head on to Leo Vegas Casino.
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If you play your cards right, this is a game that will indeed make you rich within a short duration. In case you are not aware, Blackjack revolves around your expertise or skills. Thus, you ought to play it with a tad of knowledge in mind, and the cash outs run the gamut from 70% to 99% which exudes nothing but fairness.

All in all, if you have always wondered about the slots that exude profitability, then the above list will indeed help you make a decision.

September 20, 2017

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