As you know, there is a plethora of epic movies which revolve around betting. Nevertheless, we have carefully pinned down what are considered to be the cream of the crop and hence, a must-watch. These films are among the best because they cover a broad range of topics which have some correlation with UK wagering in both land-based as well as online gaming parlors.

The Cooler

In this film, William H. Macy plays a unique character of ‘The Cooler’ in Wayne Kramer’s movie. Thus, he is a man who is quite unlucky that casinos hire him to be a passer-by at the table of punters on hot streaks. Without fail, their luck changes and the house edge of the casino is restored. Nevertheless, when Macy encounters a change in his real money fortunes, he suddenly finds himself being ‘Lady Luck’ of every player in Las Vegas, which is much to the chagrin of gaming platforms that hire him. With a premise that exudes nothing but fun in a fantastic central performance, this movie is indeed informative when it comes to playing games which are surrounded by luck.


With the youthful Matt Damon who is a famous award-winning actor, Rounders revolves around an entrepreneur who puts himself through college through emerging an elated winner at the table of poker. Other popular actors in the film run the gamut from Edward Norton and John Malkovich. The showdown of the film culminates in a vibrant casino slot game of high stakes, with Malkovich acting as the best poker play that Damon ought to strive to defeat. Furthermore, the performances in Rounders are beyond exceptional, with Norton depicting perfect winning strategies in poker and how they successfully work in his favor. As such, poker players can borrow a leaf from this movie and learn how to win big.

The Gambler

The movie revolves around the story of James Caan, who plays the role of a compelling University professor who happens to have a grave betting addiction. As you watch the film, you will keenly observe how James charters his journey to self-destruction, as his mental state becomes precarious at an astronomically high rate. It gets to a point that he becomes a chronic borrower to satisfy his urge for gambling and thus, this becomes a danger to his life, during which the movie reaches an incredible yet steady climax. Overall, The Gambler is indeed one for the purists of betting, who will be able to relate to the role that James plays. Additionally, it also aims at warning people against the risks associated with betting, whether online or offline.

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Twenty One

For starters, this movie revolves around a true story and is modern film of the genre of betting movies. It was set in an era before the existence of online betting whereby players can either play for free or for some real bankroll with no downloads needed. With that said, the storyline revolves around Kevin Spacey who is a Mathematics professor responsible for training a copiousness of students to master the skills in counting cards on the Vegas strip. Furthermore, there is an exciting tale of trickery, hedonism as well as betrayal which fuels immense adrenaline. Hence, this makes viewers in awe as to whether the series of events truly happened. All in all, players who relish in casino wagering, more so, Blackjack and counting of cards will certainly enjoy this movie.

Casino Royale

As you know, there are two versions of Ian Fleming’s story. However, the most accomplished is Martin Campbell who plays the role of Daniel Craig. At a breakneck pace, the film revolves around James Bond as he takes on the figure of a villain, this time via playing poker, as well as inflicting torture on Le Chiffre. The most unforgettable as well as incredible scenes in the movies is where the unbeatable Bond takes on his skills in the all-or-nothing slot game which comes with a plethora of fantastic bonuses. All in all, the pace is quick, there is mind-blowing poker, and Eva Green is incredibly sumptuous.Casino slot game 1200 × 800

The Sting

The star actors of the movie are Robert Redford and Paul Newman who play the roles of two con artists as their careers, with bone being a veteran and the other being a newbie. They then become the dynamic duo who targets a criminal who is flying high and relishes in a good bet and who is after Robert from the outset of a former swindle. Betting films hardly have a myriad of twists as well as turns that are evidently found here, as more complications develop with the ‘long con’, not to mention the risk levels for both guys which slowly gets to a crescendo. Lastly, a denouement exuding drama offers a substantial payout for a thriller filled with nothing but suspense.

The Hustler

Regardless of how you choose to look at it, this film came about when web-based betting was nothing but an idea which would or would not have come to pass. Hence, its reality was compared to that of living on Pluto. The Hustler begins with ‘Quick’ Eddie Felson from the famous Paul Newman, trying to match up his expertise of pool to those of Minnesota Fats. However, a chastening encounter results in him running out of some bankroll and soon out of luck, with his fearless manager (Bert Gordon) having the ability of restoring the luck he once possessed. It is through this betting movie that its heart was right at the evolution of pool halls as well as backrooms, on which US betting came about.

All in all, there is something unwavering about films revolving around betting, irrespective of whether you are a lover of gambling or have never set foot in a land-based gaming parlor. In some instances, they follow the rise of prominent poker players, whereas, in other scenarios, they exude crime, violence as well as action, hence depicting the not so blissful life. There is indeed no doubt that these gambling movies exude immense suspense as well as extravagance to keep the usual betting enthusiasts on their toes.

September 21, 2017

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