The virtual reality casino is the new age in the gambling arena. Of all the innovations that have plagued the casino gaming business, virtual reality is the greatest. Initially, it was just a dream in the minds of casino gamblers. Now, however, the dream is slowly taking shape, and the enthusiasm is at an all-time high. Technological evolution has had a significant influence on the changes taking place in gambling. From the brick and mortar casino, came the era of web-based casinos then mobile platform enabled games. Finally, virtual reality is here with us. Moreover, the future is just beginning to unfold.

After the onset of the World Wide Web and the fascination with computers, many casinos replicated their games on the web based formats. Thus, online games like Aliens were born. Players would no longer need to go to the land based venues. Apart from just being exceptionally convenient, they offered the much-needed comfort. We could all now play without leaving our houses. As we celebrated the invention, more online casinos cropped up everywhere. We had access to more variety and taste than we had ever before.

The Online Casino to the VR Casino

However, something was lacking in these online casinos. The authentic brick and mortar atmosphere was missing. Web based platforms had done their best to relive the glory of the physical presence but came a few paces short. Therefore, as the world opened its arms to welcome the onset of VR technology, casino operators realized an opportunity. The 1990s saw a few efforts to make it happen but with no avail. The technology then was not capable of handling the heavy processing necessary needed. There was hope still because technology hadn’t finished unfolding its magnificence.

2016 brought new found hope with the launch of virtual reality software and hardware. These facilitated the successful venture into the creation of functioning online VR casinos. The technology included:

  • Oculus Rift by Facebook
  • Stream Virtual Reality by Valve
  • Vive by HTC
  • Virtual Reality PlayStation by SonyVirtual Reality Casino online

What ‘Virtual Reality Casino’ Means

In the most basic terms, it refers to a non-real created environment to resonate as closely as possible to the real. The player is made to believe through relevant interfaces that they are actually in the environment in question. By application of computer technology, the sensory reactions are aligned and in tune. When the person’s perspective changes, the software responds real time without a lag in between. The presence of any lag will automatically throw off the person from the virtual and they will be able to tell the unreal from the real. For a perfectly simulated system, change in view and change in perspective are seamless, and so the environment feels real although it is not. This casino still offers bonus features like the regular online casino.

Virtual reality is applied in several areas in the UK including now recently in the gambling entertainment segment. What it does is give the player a real feel of the land based casino. All the while, the player can interact with the machines and people in the non-real space. The truth, however, is that they are actually not in a casino.

Requirements to Go Virtual

To be able to enjoy the House of Fun with this new technology, you will need additional features to the conventional machine. The technology needs more processing power and ram to run your virtual real money slots efficiently. Thus, it will be necessary to upgrade your computer specifications to be able to handle virtual reality gaming proficiently. Other devices that can enhance the gaming experience are;

A VR Headset

This gadget is worn by the player to provide a seamless interface to the software. While you can still opt to play without the headset, you only get a 3D experience worth of play. Investing in a good quality head gear will reap you a rich experience on the casino floor. You get superb visuals and clear-cut audio effects all real-time with no lag factor.Virtual Reality Casino future

Game Controllers

You will not need to get additional devices for controls. You can effectively use your keyboard to your own satisfaction. For those of us who stop at nothing until we have the full-fledged feel of the game, a sacrifice towards an extra controller would be worth it. The best are the sensor-packed data gloves. They relay your hand motions into the system which are then interpreted as your motions in the virtual realm.

Features of the Virtual Environment

According to the intended use, the systems are configured differently. Despite that, there are certain characteristics that cut across all application models. They are as below;
The player views images in a three-dimensional format. In addition to that is the capability of perspective. When you shift your head or view the image from another direction and position, its perspective changes.

You can move around in the environment. You can see any section of the building you choose. You can walk between slot machines if in a casino for example. You even see other players present in the casino at the same time as yourself.

Interaction with other persons in the virtual space is enabled. People can see and hear each other in these slots. Thus, their interaction is as real as a true conversion between individuals.
VR games can handle multiplayer quite easily. They are very engaging, and the experience is real time.

Visual and audio effects resemble those of the emulated environment very precisely. Players enjoy the feel of the space without being there physically.

That said, you can access your virtual online games on the web with no download. Preferably also, you can install them on your device for free. Welcome to the future of gambling. As it unfolds and more operators make the shift, you will be happy to have been among the first beneficiaries. So take the step and move with technology.

October 2, 2017

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