What Is Progressive Jackpot

Let’s start off by defining what a progressive jackpot is. It is the main prize (usually a lot higher than the highest matching symbol payout) featured in the slot machine that increases with each played bet that did not trigger it. It means that more people play the game and higher (more frequent) investments are, higher the jackpot.

There is usually no limit to the maximum possible amount simply because if not enough people gamble, the prize won’t get extremely high, but on the other hand if there is a lot of people involved, the chances that someone is going to trigger it raise accordingly.

How To Find Progressive Jackpot Slots

The most logical answer to that question would be to use Google. And indeed, it is not a bad answer as most of casinos and software development companies work extremely hard to reach the page one of Google search and be the number one result by investing a lot of resources in SEO.

The only issue is that you do not know which casino is:

A good source of getting informed would be at /casino-review/ where a brief explanation and overview on online casinos nowadays can be read, as well as a list of some of the best casinos currently available online. Not all of them have progressive jackpot machines, but ones that do are proven to be a 3 in 1 pack – reliable, secure and licensed.

Besides that, different slot machines can be played at /online-slots-main such as:

  • Fruit Cocktail
  • Viking’s Treasure
  • Avalon
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Super Monopoly Money

Maybe there are some that feature a progressive jackpot, but since their search filter does not include that option you will have to explore yourself. Sometimes progressives get excluded from the machine and maybe that is the reason why did not implement that as an option to filter out the games.progressive slots gameplay

License plays a huge factor when it comes to progressive jackpots as there are some of them that are being calculated on a large scale and someone needs to keep track of all data and make sure that the gamblers investing and playing on a particular machine do not get scammed.

Keep in mind that progressive jackpots are available only when playing for real money and not in the demo versions of the game. Demo version, for those who are not familiar with it, is where demo credits are used as currency which has no real value except they can be used to test out the slot and experiment with features.

Types Of Progressive Jackpots

There are three main categories:

  1. Standalone – Even though this type is more common in land based casinos, it can be seen in some online slots as well. It is not connected with any other machine nor network. Only the person playing that particular machine can both increase the value by spinning and obtain the jackpot. It is different for online casinos as multiple players can enjoy the same machine at the same time, increasing the jackpot value faster but also competing against each other for the prize.
  2. Local – The prize is higher than the previous one simply because it is usually active for anyone who is playing at the casino. Unlike the standalone version, a spin on more than just one particular machine can activate the prize.
  3. Wide Area – This is the most popular progressive jackpot type. Simply because the prize easily reaches six, and sometimes even seven figures. The reason for that is because it is linked across multiple casinos and networks all around the world reaching sometimes hundreds of thousands of gamblers before rewarding the chosen one. It is obvious that chances of obtaining it are fairly low, but when it happens, the one who one becomes an official millionaire!

It is important to note that any jackpot is activated randomly after a single spin, but gamblers say that betting maximum coins helps. So make sure to spam that “Max Bet” button if you are going for the Jackpot prize, but do not get too comfortable as reels drop very quickly and so does your balance.

RTP, Bonuses & Promotions

RTP is a theoretical return to player and it ranges from 92% up to 98.5% for online slot machines. Elements affecting the RTP are:

  • Structure
  • Limits
  • Features
  • Jackpots

The reason why slots with progressive jackpots features have lower RTP is because a small portion of each bet is taken into the jackpot value. In order for someone to win huge, everyone has to sacrifice a little bit after each roll, but the amount is so small that no one feels it. Everyone is blinded by that huge figure rolling above the machine, but that is reasonable because winning it once can become a life changing journey.

As jackpots can be triggered even with money obtained from previously claimed bonuses, it is important to look for good offers. Those with deeper pockets and high rollers love this opportunity as high roller bonuses award huge amounts for big investments allowing those players to bet max constantly without even blinking and increasing their chances of winning the prize.

The one aspect why high rollers might have higher chances is that their bets increase the total jackpot value more than others so do chances of activation. However, there are many other bonuses that can be claimed and used:

  • No deposit – Where you can use free cash to become a millionaire without even depositing
  • Matching
  • Cash Back
  • Reload – Perfect when chasing the jackpot, just like the Cash Back
  • Loyalty, etc.

Promotions are similar to bonuses, but they can sometimes be directly affiliated with the Jackpot itself, so regularly checking the promotion tab on your favorite casino on browsing online can always come in handy.progressive slots manual

Tips & Tricks

Terms of service are very important when it comes to claiming bonuses and trying to win a jackpot. Not all countries or wagers are eligible to participate in the system, and all of the reasoning and information is presented in the ToS page so make sure to read it completely before depositing. Do not hesitate to contact the support service if you have any concerns or doubts as they are always going to respond as soon as possible with direct and useful answers.

Some important reminders:

  • Do the research – Look for an all in one package, as it will be worth it. Search for the casino that has good bonus offers, high jackpot value and reasonable RTP. This might be a hard task but hard work always pays off, and by doing it you increase your chances of winning and decrease the chances of losing everything fast.
  • Keep an eye on balance – Do not just select the max bet option, turn on the autoplay feature and forget about it, as it may result in losing everything. RTP is always below 100% meaning that there is a chance that over the extended period of time your balance could evaporate. Knowing when to quit and taking a break is a key.
  • Don’t go strictly for progressive jackpots – This may become frustrating and frustration only results in bad decision making. Find a game that you enjoy and have a great time playing it without spending more than you can afford to.
  • Do not gamble under the influence of alcohol – This applies to any type of gambling, but especially when progressive jackpots are included because the six figure number above the screen might influence you to make decisions that you are going to regret the next day.

Mobile casino jackpots are same as the online ones. Rolling a few times during the work break time or before sleep might make you rich and at the same time relaxed. Depending on what type of jackpot you are going for, downloading a casino or game app will include same features and values as it includes in the desktop online one.

Last but not least, keep in mind that each progressive jackpot activation occurs at random. The myth that the jackpot cannot be won twice on the same account or that it is impossible for it to activate soon after it happened previously was completely busted a long time ago.

October 8, 2017

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