Instant Withdrawal Casinos

We play online casinos to have fun, but more so to make money. The best part of the whole gaming affair is making fast withdrawal processes. There are two types of withdrawal options. One of them is the instant one that every gambler prefers. It differs with the other ways of moving money in that you get your money almost immediately after you request to have the funds transferred from the casino account to yours.

Several online casinos promise this to gamers, yet they do not deliver. For this reason, we have created a compilation of some of the fastest paying online betting sites. However, before you can begin playing, you have to select a casino that you’ll visit to bet. This process should be handled carefully since several online sites are trying to scam players. Here are a few tips that will be of help when you are scouting around for the best payout casino.

Valid Bonuses

One of the most crucial aspects of gaming is the bonus. This is an additional gift given to you for playing in a particular site. Rewards come in several forms. Depending on the casino policies, you can receive welcome bonuses, refer-a-friend gifts, match and percentage rewards, reload bonuses, spins, multipliers, as well as quests. In addition to this, players who are loyal to their casinos enjoy other benefits like loyalty points, exclusive invites to private games, vacations, and high-end gadgets.

All these are incentives aimed at ensuring you have a more enjoyable experience while playing, and also keeping you glued to one casino. A good casino will have all these prizes offered to all its members without bias.

Withdrawal Options

To make withdrawals, a person has to have cash in their casino account. A legal casino will have many platforms that players can utilize when it comes to cashing out. These can be instant, or not. However, most members prefer the immediate withdrawal options to the other longer ones.

Once you receive your online casino payout, you have the right to make a withdrawal request. Making this transaction is usually more complicated than depositing money. This is because the wagering entities love to take caution. The primary reason for this is to avoid fraud cases where hackers find a way to manipulate the system and make withdrawal requests using gamers’ accounts. Identification details will have to be provided to prove that you own the account you intend to withdraw from. The money will only be sent once all these procedures are approved.

One other aspect that we scrutinize before showing you which online casino pays the best is how easy one can make deposits and the number of platforms offered for making this happen. Casinos that have several options to choose from make it convenient for any person to gamble on.

Fastest Payout Casinos Online

The most common thing amongst all gamblers is the need for rapid methods of processing their withdrawals. While every casino has a specified period that it requires for completing the procedure, there are a few casinos that beat the rest at providing online casino best payouts. These are:

  • Slotty VegasGambling in this casino is a pleasant affair because you will have your money in the account in less than a minute. Additionally, the casino cash out option is available even during the weekends. Bonuses are awarded to the deserving persons accordingly. Slot lovers have the privilege of enjoying the free spins they are given once they sign up in the casino. The withdrawal limit is quite liberal as you can cash out up to 20000 pounds daily. This makes Slotty Vegas the highest paying online casino.
  • BetAt Casino – This is another casino that has the best online casino payouts. You are allowed to withdraw up to 20,000 dollars or its equivalent per day. A welcome pack of cash and spins is given to new members. Only six platforms are provided to make withdrawals. Weekend withdrawals are also made available, so you do not need to wait for the weekend to be over before you get access to your money. Additionally, you are allowed to withdraw up to 20,000 dollars or its equivalent per day.
  • 888 Casino – This site offers reasonable bonus terms. You can receive your money in at least 24 hours. This is highly dependent on the method you choose to use. Weekend withdrawals are processed just as fast as during weekdays, and you can remove a maximum of 20,000 dollars weekly.
  • Prime Slots – It could take you anything form 1-7 days to receive money. During this time, you can opt to cancel the transaction within 48 hours if you so wish. Bonuses are provided in plenty, especially the spins and cash rewards. Sadly, you cannot make any withdrawal request during the weekends. You can access a maximum of 10,000 Euros monthly.
  • The Phone CasinoPromotions rewards are given to both new and old players. These can be presented in cash or spins. A variety of banking options are provided to support this transaction. A minimum of forty-eight hours is needed before you can have your money. The process is even faster for US players or high roller casino members. Each member can withdraw a maximum of 10,000 pounds per week.

Each of these highest payout online casinos have a support crew that will help you resolve your money issues. You should note that it is not possible to withdraw bonus cash until you fulfill the wagering terms set by each betting entity. You can send emails, make toll free telephone calls, or even chat live with the available financial support team members 24/7.

How We Test the Fastest Payout Casinos

It’s always fun and games until it comes to money issues. A list of trusted sites that process the payouts instantly has been provided. We have criteria that we use to select the fastest payout casinos. The casinos we recommend will have the following qualities:

  • Security – How safe your account details are matters. Only sites that have the latest encrypted security software are provided on this site.
  • Fast payout– A quick payout is a transaction that takes little time to materialize. In addition to this, the wagering entity needs to have several withdrawal options that it avails to gamers.
  • Mobile gaming – We choose to recommend casinos that are versatile in the forms of gaming platforms provided. Those that give both the application version and mobile gaming are what we avail here.
  • Game variety – It makes no sense for a person to keep on playing one game every day. This is why we ensure that all the sites we provide here have a variety of sets that gamers can enjoy. From slots to table games, video sets, poker games, roulette, baccarat, bingo, and scrap, all games are accommodated.
  • Fully licensed – Our casinos are fully licensed by the top licensing bodies from all over the globe. Each one of them complies with the requirements of different governments regarding taxes and other provisions.

Depositing & Payouts

Deposit Methods

Another aspect to look out for in good payouts casinos is the kind of cash deposit platforms that it offers. If it a legitimate one, there will be several options offered. The reason why casinos provide many platforms is to accommodate different people who all prefer to use various methods to put money into their casino accounts. Some of these options include:

  • E-wallets – These are online electronic accounts that members can store cash in. In addition to this, a person can send or receive money using these accounts. Some of these include Visa, Visa Electron, Skrill, Paypal, Neteller, Webmoney, ecoPayz, and Entropay among many others.
  • E-cheque – The way you use a paper cheque to wire money to someone is the same way this electronic version functions. You only have to write the account number of the money’s destination, authorize the process and the transaction will go through.
  • Another form of depositing method is the direct bank wire. This is the oldest of all in these forums. This process is pretty much an instant payout. Once the verification process is completed, the money is automatically wired to the account it was intended for.

To deposit money in a casino, you need to have an account. This you can easily attain by registering with the site. After this you will need to:

  1. Top up your wallet or bank account that you will be using to make deposits.
  2. Next, log in to your casino account.
  3. Navigate to the cashier.
  4. Click on the button.
  5. You will see a deposit option.
  6. Select it.
  7. Write the amount of money you want to put into that account.
  8. Select the e-wallet you will be using to do this.
  9. Write the correct account number details.
  10. Approve the transaction and click OK.
  11. The money will reflect instantly. If not you may have to wait for up to 5 minutes for this to happen.

This money that you will have deposited is what you will use to play your favorite game.

Payout Procedure

Now that you have won some cash, you may be wondering how do online casinos pay you? You can use the several payout platforms to make your online casino payouts. However, the procedure is pretty much the same for all the accounts. Here is how you go about it:

  1. Navigate to the cashier section.
  2. You will see the options provided there. Click on the withdraw button.
  3. You will then be given several withdrawal platforms to choose from. Select your preferred method.
  4. Key in the amount of cash you wish to remove.
  5. Submit your request and wait for the casino payout to materialize.

Each casino will require you to sign documents regarding your account activities. In addition to this, you will have to produce identification documents that will prove you own the account you are withdrawing from. This can be done every time you make payouts or occasionally, depending on each casino’s requirements.

Standard Withdrawal Processing Times

Each of the mentioned withdrawal platforms requires some time before the requests made by clients can be approved.  A factor that significantly affects the amount of time you will have to wait before you receive your money is the kind of wallet used. For example, a Skrill to Skrill transaction is instant. However, if you have a Skrill account and the casino has a Neteller account, the process will take a little bit longer. The following platforms provide the fastest payouts:

  • PayPal – This is the quickest method there is for receiving money. You will have it reflecting on your account almost instantly. Regardless of whether the casino account is also the same, this platform will always make the withdrawal procedures instant. PayPal is best known for processing same-day payouts.
  • E-Wallets – Although they were introduced to people a few years ago, these are gaining popularity among online gamblers due to their convenience. They are easy to register since you do this online and they are equally easy to use. In addition to this, they are fast when it comes to making payments for casino gaming purposes. It can take at most an hour for cash to reflect in your account when using an e-wallet.
  • Paysafecard – This is another one of the instant online banking options. A majority of web casinos provide this due to its easy accessibility.
  • Echeques – This works the same way as the paper cheques only that the e-cheques are submitted online. The downside of this transaction mode is that it takes a few days before you can have the money.

The best payout casinos will make available all of these platforms for their clients to use.

How to Get Winnings the Fastest Way

It is evident that making a deposit is a fast process. However, if you want to withdraw money, it is going to take longer. The process will also have several regulations that one will have to fulfill before they can receive the money. You need to use a few tricks that will make this swifter.

  • Use the same account you used to deposit to make the withdrawal request. Most casinos only avail a few e-wallets for this purpose. So, if the one you had used to bank cash is part of this list, use it to cash out. This will reduce the time needed to make verifications.
  • Use the most preferred platform by the casino – If your casino has a specific method of transferring money that it recommends, use it. Most of the times this platform is the one that processes withdrawals faster than the others that are available.
  • Use the same platform as the casino – By this, I mean you use a similar e-wallet as the casino. For instance, if the wagering entity has a Neteller account, also use this option to take your money out. Using similar wallets make the process faster, and on top of that, the fees charged are lesser than when you use alternating options.

Choosing the right casino will actively determine whether or not you will be smiling to the bank or you’ll be following up with the support system to have your money wired to you. Once you chose the right staking site, ensure you use all possible tactics to benefit the most from any website. For example, some sites withhold themselves from awarding you with cash bonuses if you make a withdrawal especially if one was almost due. If you are not in haste to use the money, hold off a little bit longer. Wait for the award to be accorded to you then make the request and enjoy the casino online best payout.