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The provider, Microgaming has taken up the theme from the 2011 Chick-flick, Bridesmaids. The film was a girlie movie with plenty of fun moments and celebrating the friendship among a group of girls. The 5-reel Bridesmaids slot game offers a few cool free spins rounds and Bonus rounds.

Game Theme

The film’s theme runs throughout and along with that, Microgaming has also ensured that the main six bridesmaids characters remain as top paying symbols in this casino game. So get ready to play and win through Scatter and Wild symbols and that too from Android or iOS mobile too.

Exciting Features of the Game

To start with, the Bridesmaids slot has 5 reels and 40 pay lines.
The Bridesmaids symbol is going to be the Wild symbol, which shall replace all the other symbols in the main game and give you good rewards.
The film was on Annie, the Maid of Honor, and her passion for making cupcakes too. So, we have Cupcakes as Scatter symbols. Try to spot 3 Scatter symbols and this is when the things will get interesting. This is when you will be able to get the Wheel of Fortune wherefrom you shall be able to get any one of the 15 prizes. These rewards could be Free spins bonus, bonus rounds, or even jackpots or Multipliers.
If you are playing Bridesmaids for real money, you will surely get your stock of features and free bonus.

How to Play Bridesmaids For Real Money?

Friendship Free Wins: This shall offer you 10 free spins and the character symbols would be stacked and you would be able to match them from both ways.
Flying High Free Spins: The highlight of this feature is that it will offer Rolling Reels and Expanding Wilds, which will also keep increasing per spin.
Boutique Bonus: This round allows you to pick and match the bridesmaids and each combination shall give you rewards including a chance to earn around 66 times of the bet.
Cupcake Booster: Get as many as 4 Cupcakes and win good multipliers and jackpots.
Magic moments: This will feature all the fun moments from the movie for you to match and win feature and cash prizes.
The Scatter Symbols will give you jackpot and the Wild will give you Multipliers too.
There are plenty of chances to big jackpots and multiplier amounts too throughout the real money slots and the minimum bet coin size is 0.01 and the maximum size is 1. There is guaranteed entertainment even if you play Bridesmaids slot for fun.


For those aiming to play Bridesmaids slot for fun or with no deposit, they can simply log in and start betting. The payout is pretty much as impressive as the game plan.

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  1. Milla the cat )) says:

    Thanks for the helpful article,! ))) it really helped me figure out the game process! I do not have much experience in gambling, but I decided to try it with this slot because it’s very feminine decorated =)))        And for the girls who like playing I this it’s nice decision)))) Yesterday I even managed to win here 80 dollars but I didn’t stop on time and lost all my deposit! But now I know how to play and will not lose it next time…I hope ))))))

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