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Ancient Egypt has always been a fascination part of history. Their advanced cultural practices have always triggered a curiosity that has taken us all the way to the slots. A lot of gaming companies are well aware of this popular desire to unearth the mysteries of the pharaohs, and they have decided to rake in on the excitement with numerous Egyptian history-themed games. Rival Gaming went all out on this and provided the Cleopatra’s Coin Slots one of the best Egyptian themed game. It is available for free with no downloads required to play and no sign ups.

With 5 reels and 15 pay lines, the online slot combines amazing graphics and sound to offer you an excitement only going back in time to the pharaoh era can offer you. The symbols of this game include some hieroglyphic symbols that will win you a few coins. The main symbols that are included

  • Cleopatra herself,
  • Julius Caesar,
  • Mark Antony,
  • the pyramids and a
  • sphinx
    will score you more coins although the bigs wins are with the bonus rounds and the free spins.

Playing for the Big Wins

The trip back in time gets worth your while when you can match three or more bonus symbols from the left side of the reel. Your bonus symbols are the scarab beetle, a gold coin and the poisonous Asp. Getting three matching symbols from any of these three means that Miss Cleopatra has found you pleasing enough to let you in on her rare jars from her special chambers. The jars have cash! And you get to choose which one you want.

The wild in Cleopatra’s Coin online is among the most exciting ever! The scarab beetle will replace all the symbols on the game which will create combinations that will win you some profit. 5 symbols will cash in some 5,000 coins instantly which is the highest instant price you can get from this game.

You love the free spins, don’t you? Well, if you can find three to five Asp, you will earn yourself free spins with 3 giving 10 spins, 4, giving 20 and five Asp earning you 100 free spins! The Asp bonus triples all the prizes. Talk of getting paid to have fun! The bonus round is won when you get three coins. This earns you some urns that you must crash to win instant prices. Winning has never been this exciting.

You’re probably wondering how much will go into experiencing the rush from back in time. With as low as 0.01 coins, you can take part in the adventures. Your maximum bet is 75 coins. You also get to play with real money.


With a bet of only 0.01 coins, you gain access to 450 different staking combinations for the scarab stakes. All you have to do is choose a line you want to play on the 15 pay lines on this gaming machine. You can place a bet of between 1 and 5 coins on each line. Playing free Cleopatra’s Coin casino slot machine with minimum pay lines will help trigger the free spins and wild features since the bonuses are triggered by scatter symbols that do not necessarily have to be on the pay lines.

Hold tight, this ride to ancient Egypt is about to make you rich!

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  1. Larson says:

    In the game itself, Cleopatra, stands the plot of an ancient civilization, which left a big imprint on our world. But the game itself is very interesting and fascinating. Also, it has a great chance to win a fixed capital, which is designed for a lucky beggar. I also like the fact that you can bet the smallest, or, more accurately, 0.01 cent. Agree that this is a penny, and putting them in the account, the player gets access to 450 different combinations on the scarab. And this is a very big indicator that the game is at the world level.

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