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A Cool Jewels is a unique online casino game created by the well-known WMS vendor. This pokie has a 6×6 playing greed and innovative playing table. If players are searching for a new and interesting slot machine, this one can be just the thing.

A Cool Playing Greed and Main Menu

The Cool Jewels casino machine can be tested for free in a demo mode in most online betting sites. If bettors are interested in more serious gaming, they can always create an account, complete the validation process and infuse cash at their favorite casino (before betting for real cash, gamers should check information about limitations, terms, and conditions). This is a slot where winning lines can emerge from nowhere. The whole playing greed has a special system that makes icons to fall down. In a case that 4 symbols are matched according to a paytable, players will be rewarded and those signs will be destroyed. New icons will come in their place and a gambler will have a re-spin opportunity.

Before a gambler rolls this unique wheel of luck, he/she should adjust the playing menu first. A “Bet Multiplier” button can be used to determining the total stake for a single round. When this is done, gamblers can press the “Play” mark. If the manual way of spinning is boring, the MWS provided the “Auto Start” option that will go on, until a gambler gets a free spinning bonus. On the left side of a betting display, gamers can see a bar with a “Pay per Symbol”. The number will continue to grow after each winning line is created in a row. On the right side of a playing screen, gamers can find a free spins counter. This is the main feature of the Cool Jewels pokie machine. To trigger extra rounds, the player will have to use exploding symbols and other combinations to destroy a “Cool Jewels” scatter icon 4 consecutive times. If that happens, bettors will be rewarded with 8 extra turns. In a case that a chain reaction continues and gamers destroy more scatter icons, the free spin number will grow to 5 times until it reaches the maximum of 20 extra rounds.

Unique Symbol Combinations

In a Cool Jewels, pokie machine bettors can find different types of wild cards that can provide huge jackpot outcomes. They actually act as bombs, destroying another symbol in different directions. They can be triggered only when close to a winning line. There are also many special wilds that can emerge when two special cards are used at the same time and close to each other. The number of winning combinations that can appear using wilds signs in unlimited. The more symbols are destroyed, higher are the odds that a new scoring line will appear.

Special Winning Tactics

To win prizes in the Cool Jewels online slot game, bettors can use some of the guidelines that can be used for any classic pokie, but there are some differences and tips that can be used only for this type of video slot.

  • The best way to score lots of real money prizes in this casino game is to spin the wheel of fortune longer. This is a game that can bring more money after each spin. The best thing is that the number of re-spins is unlimited so as a long chain reaction is created, bettors can continue to roll the wheel for free with new cash stacks coming up.
  • Use wild symbols to replace symbols by creating a winning line with this card included. This is what makes this game so interesting. A scoring possibility and a huge outcome can pop out any second.
  • For maximum prizes, gamers should adjust the wager to the highest level. In a case that a free bonus feature is triggered with maximum stakes, a player can earn big jackpot payouts. Another benefit from triggering this special feature is that it can be re-triggered numerous times as long as a gambler is destroying Cool Jewel scatter signs.

The RTP for the Cool Jewels pokie is 96.1% which gives the average chances of winning. This slot machine will create the same exciting feeling and lots of adrenaline rushes like betting in a land-based casino.

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