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The Eye Of Horus is one of the most popular games developed by the Merkur company. Worshipping Horus was present in the Ancient Egypt, and the eye of the Horus ever since then represents, good health, protection, and royal power. It brings good luck to all the gamblers playing the game and, as the legend says, personifies the Wadjet goddess.

Eye of Horus, developed by Nyx Interactive, takes players to the curious world of ancient Egypt and lets them explore its mysteries. The rich empire which existed in the past now lets players explore its ruins in this 3-reel and 10-payline slot machine which also looks like an arcade box from brick-and-mortar casino days. 

This mysterious world is full of free spins, bonus rewards, and jackpots win. To top it all, it has a progressive jackpot which can run into millions. So, steady your horses and run into the ancient ruins of the Egyptian civilisation to find the treasure long lost.

Eye of Horus Beneficial Features 

Plenty of free spins, bonuses, jackpots, and a progressive jackpot await players in this wonderful slot machine. The most notable features are: 

  • Eye of Horus: The symbol acts as a scatter, and it can trigger free spins if a player manages to land any 2 of them on their reel. 
  • Bonus Game: The power of the eye does not end with awarding free spins as it can also trigger a bonus game. This bonus game is crazy itself as players can win cash rewards, along with additional spins in this round. 
  • Progressive Jackpot: The most interesting feature of the gameplay is a progressive jackpot which brews over time and can often run into millions. For every gambler who has dreamt of making it big, this jackpot is worth chasing.

The slot machine can be played for a very diverse range of wagers. The minimum bet in the game begins with 1, and it can run up to 500. Hence, gamblers can enjoy a quality gambling session, irrespective of their budget size.


With a progressive jackpot and plenty of other stuff to offer, Eye of Horus is an incredible gambling option. Nyx Interactive, the company behind this Egypt-themed slot machine, has made it sure that players have plenty much entertainment when they load up the machine. 

The title has an RTP which has been proved to be higher than 95%. Hence, gamblers would not be disappointed if they played the slot for real money at casinos online. However, it is a matter of luck.

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