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Ash Gaming is on the roll this year! They’ve made dozens of different types of slot machines in the previous years and they are already coming in this new one stronger than ever! Ash Gaming welcomes us with the brand new title – “Fireman”.

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It is a 3D slot machine made of:

  • 20 paylines
  • 5 reels
  • 3 rows

The first thing you’ll notice in the game is the design. It’s not an old-school 5×3 machine with obvious lines dividing the symbol fields, as this time the entire machine is a huge house with 15 windows, each one just big enough to fit one symbol each round.

Companies such as Ash Gaming are one of those who managed to come close and compete against the most popular development firms in the industry, which is why they not only have to be persistent, but also they need to constantly come up with new ideas and unique concepts in order to remain their position.

Fireman Symbols

Some of the less valuable symbols are a vase with flowers, a cat, a woman and a granny who is constantly calling for the fireman.

After the lower end symbols, we have the more valuable ones such as the main character- the Fireman, awarding 400 coins all 5 of them appear on an active winline. Payouts of between 100 and 500 credits can be won by the wild card represented by the fireman’s logo.

Players need to spend at least $0.20 in a single spin in order to spin the wheels, while those who gamble with high amounts can enjoy their $100.00 rounds, which is the maximum. There are no ways of breaking the $100.00 limit but considering how much that can give back if scatters or wilds align, there is no reason for even going a single penny above.

Increase The Deposit’s Value For Free

With little to no effort you can get two, three or more times the cash you originally invested in the casino for the Fireman gameplay. First thing you’ll need to do is research and write down all the casino bonus offers. If that’s too much work, find reliable sources with already listed additions with the highest limits and percentages.

The no deposit bonus is the most popular one amongst new gamblers, as there are no investment requirements. You will be rewarded with free real money for simply registering to the casino.

Not all additions are one-time available only. The loyalty bonus can be claimed once a day, a week, a month or a year, depending on the casino’s policy and rules. Always go through the terms and conditions, or contact the support service in case of any doubts or concerns.

Crypto (Bitcoin) gambling has became extremely popular over the past few years, as it is extremely easy to play using Bitcoin. The transactions are fast and the fees are almost non-existent. However, be aware that the price of these currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. fluctuate constantly, and should be used only by those who are familiar with the crypto market.

Scatter Rewards

Even though scatter cannot be substituted by the wild icon, once three or more appear on the screen, the reward is guaranteed and there are three options to choose from:

  1. Get an instant cash prize
  2. Transform all the scatters in any symbol of your choice
  3. Play the Inferno Bonus

The inferno bonus sets the entire building on fire and it is up to the player to choose one of the symbols to douse down the flames. Be fast and click on as many symbols as you can, as you can keep going until one of the flames shows the “Collect” bar after disappearing.

This machine is not volatile at all, so even though there are no spectacular payouts, there are dozens of small ones, adding up each round. Players say that these type of machine bring less risk of losing money rapidly, which is true to some degree, but the only difference is that there are many low-paying combinations compared to the high-volatile machines where combos occur less often, but bring higher rewards.

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