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Have you been looking for a slot where you can play while enjoying the beauty of fruits? Well, Fruit Cocktail is that perfect game! It is a classic nine payline and five-reel game developed by an Australian slot developer – Novomatic. Its juicy and fruity symbols will surely leave you hungry to play more and more. In addition to this, it comes with excellent graphics which combine with juicy sound effects to give a gaming experience like any other.

A Closer Look

Whether you are a professional or a novice getting to know Fruit Cocktail slots for the first time, it will always have something for you. I can assure you that the cocktail will be appealing to all kind of people.

Its symbols are classic but with a twist of mystery. While playing, you will encounter unusually designed peaches, apples, mangoes- name them! The most amazing thing is that the wild symbol is substitutable to any other symbol in the slot apart from the symbol with the highest value- fruit new.

Bonus Game Features

If you are lucky enough to collect three scatter symbols in any place within the reel, you will have the chance to play a fever game which is a kind of a bonus. Be on the lookout when the running light stops. It could mean a huge payout. The light can randomly stop on any symbol. So be on the lookout. You could go home very early with loads of cash. Apart from that, you can play free Fruit Cocktail casino slot machine, you can also play Fruit Cocktail online on your PC or Smartphone.

Start Mixing the Ingredients

Fruit Cocktail is entirely instinctive, with only a few rules to follow. The interactive unit is also very easy to use with the buttons nicely placed at the bottom to make the playing experience easier for you. The game consists of five reels each with three symbols. In totality, there are only nine pay lines available. Every time you get a successful spin, the game offers you the chance to play a mini card game which part of the special features that I have discussed below.

Special Features

Unlike in other slots, this one comes with special features all to help you get a winning combination. How is this possible?

  • Each time you land a winning combo, you have the chance to double it up!
  • They have a risk feature button where you can risk the winning if you think it is worth it.
  • If you decide to take the risk, you will be taken to another screen which will have five cards.
  • When the first card to appear, you will have to beat in order o double it.
  • And if you are not sure that you want to risk the money, you can always leave the screen and collect your winnings.

There is no limited number of the times you can double your winnings. Interestingly, almost all games by Novomatic have this feature.

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  1. Paul says:

    In the game Fruit cocktail slot creators tried and created a very interesting and productive game. I like that always with a winning combination you can double it. Also there is a moment of the button of risk, with it you can tickle your nerves. But it is not always necessary to agree to such a button, since to win the main prize, it will be necessary to sweat. Therefore, it is better to stay with what is.

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