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The Garage slot is an online gaming slot which is owned and managed by the Igrosoft gaming. The Igrosoft has made this game different from the other video slots. The Igrosoft gaming is a Russian-based company that is mainly known for developing Bitcoin casino software. The game is about the car engines, machines, and repairing. Here the player has to fix a broken car.

The Garage slot will take you in the world of mechanics. It will take you inside a garage where cars are being repaired and reconstructed. The theme of the game revolves around cars and its parts. This is one of the favorite games of a car lover. The game has a powerful technical design with quick access and provides its slot players a wonderful gaming experience.

Attractive Gaming Features

The most exciting feature of the game is its bonus games. Almost all the other slots that are available have bonus games but the Garage has 2 bonus games which makes it different from the other games.there is a risk game too which helps the players to earn more. The bonus games are quite frequent and this brings the maximum amount of gain to the players. The greatest achievement of this game is that it is never dull and gives a wonderful gaming experience.

The Game of Garage

It is a captivating game with 5 reels. The pay line is 9. There are many symbols in the game. These symbols have different values that add values to the game.  Some of them are as follows:

  • The wild symbol is the symbol of a garage and a wheel with wings.
  • The other symbols are a fire extinguisher, cars, spark plugs and many more.
  • The wild symbol can replace the other symbols. This creates a combination of winning.
  • 5000credits will be received by a gamer if he gets 5 wilds.

If the players have more than 3 symbols of lock & key on the reels, he will get the first bonus game. Thereafter the player will have to choose a box that will be kept hidden. The player will get the wins if he opened the correct boxes. This game is easy to win and is very exciting. While the second bonus starts when the gamers have collected at least 3 or more symbols of the Box symbol along with the other instruments. But if an angry policeman jumps out of any of the boxes received, this changes the game as the bonus game stops there.

Availability of the Game

The game is available in any online casino powered by the Igrosoft. This game is also available in the leading casinos. It is also available in the Google store for Android and iTunes store for I-Phones or in the apple stores. It can also be played on the leading mobile phones, tablets, blackberry etc. The game is available in both free version and real money mode. Registration is not required for the game. You can play the games online without even installing it on your computer or laptop or in the mobile handsets. Free links are available on the internet that starts the game in the browser. this makes the access to the game easier.

Method of Payment

The Garage offers many free slots. The game also offers its players to play the game with real money.  The payment methods include Debit card, Credit card. The money can also be transferred with the help of Paypal, Paysafecard, etc.

Is this game for you?

The Garage is a fascinating game. It takes the players to the world of motor repairs, messy garage, greasy oil spilled all over.The Igrosoft gaming has made the game user-friendly so it is very easy to understand and play.The high winning potential of the Garage game makes it famous among the gamblers. The FAQ’s that are often required can be obtained online that helps the young players to play the game properly.

Since this is a casino game and involves gambling so the players need to be 18 or above to play this game.

The slot Garage is one of the best creations of Igrosoft gaming and online casino company. It is organized in such a way that it gives a true feel of the garage.

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