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Gold Miners is a slot machine developed by the relatively new company MrSlotty. It is extremely difficult for brand new firms to break through the online gambling industry all the way to the top and join the giants such as Microgaming and Playtech, but MrSlotty is one of those who managed to perform well and fulfill everything their new customers demanded.

The Gold Miners slot is made of:

  • Three rows
  • Five reels
  • 25 Paylines

It’s great to see a brand new game with optional paylines, allowing players to turn off and back on certain lines, before each individual spin. Keep in mind that once you press the “spin button” there you cannot change any adjustable parameters until the round is over.

The graphics and visual effects are different from the majority of slot machines being developed nowadays. The reels are located in a mine full of gold, and even though there are no fancy animations nor 3D effects everything on the screen is easy for eyes, relaxing and sharp, which is the most important thing, especially during the long gambling sessions.

Symbols & Combinations In Gold Miners

In the spirit of the theme itself, all symbols are obviously connected with the entire gold mining process such as a trolley, pickaxes, piles of gold bars, lanterns, explosives, etc.

The wild icon is the most valuable sign, and as usual, it substitutes for all others in the game.  Besides that, it also awards 2000 coins whenever 5 wilds connect. Less than 5 wilds do not a have specific payout as they tend to connect with the other signs at the end or beginning of a payline.

At least three symbols of a kind on an active payline are needed in order to activate a winning combination. The least amount of coins you can get is 10 by matching three rope symbols.

There are two adjustable elements which players can change in order to get the total trade:

  • Coin Value ($0.01 – $1)
  • The number of active win lines (1 – 25)

If all settings are at their lowest, the stake per spin is $0.25, and it can go all the way up to $25.00 per roll. The machine does not meet the requirements most high bettors have, but it is perfect for new players and low to mid bettors who love micro-adjustable tables.

Casino Jackpots & Bonuses

Players who decide to play the Gold Miners slot machine have to rely on the bonuses and jackpot rewards coming from the casinos, as the game does not have any additional features implemented.

Make sure to do your own research before registering to any casino, besides reading reviews from other players. As this is a game coming from MrSlotty, it is available in their casino. What’s unique is that gamblers can make deposits and withdrawals using bitcoin. In order to place bets using bitcoin, gamblers need to fill a very simple registration form followed by immediate deposit approval by the casino.

Some of the bonuses you may stumble upon are:

  • Welcome
  • No deposit
  • First deposit
  • Loyalty
  • High-Roller

These are just the basic ones, and there are dozens and dozens of similar or completely different bonuses, so make sure to choose the most compatible one.

Keep Diggin’!

The longer you play the game, higher the chances of winning the ultimate reward of 2000 coins which can be obtained by connecting all 5 wild cards on an active payline. The outcome of each round is uniquely randomized and even though the RTP is fixed, it is calculated amongst all gamblers who are playing the Gold Miners.

Never invest more than you can afford to lose as winning is by no means guaranteed. Bad days happen which is why setting a budget and sticking with the plan you’ve made is extremely important.

Make sure to deposit amounts in-between the bonus limits in order to activate it, as the first deposit bonus, for example, is applicable only to the first amount of cash you invest, and missing out on that opportunity means that you will no longer be eligible for that particular addition.

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