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This is another breathtaking slot from the pioneers of gambling Betsoft. It is a fun way to experience some horror and still win some cash to wash the terror way. This game is Parental Guidance rated since it has several horrific scenes drawing a lot of inspirations from the slot like Scooby Doo. Nonetheless, all you have to do is to spin the wheel play bonus games and win big.


As I began by noting, this is an exceptional and traditional game which attempts to combine three slot columns with five slot columns. For this reason, you should expect to see some complications, though they should not deter you from playing House of Fun online the way you would like to play it. Though horrific and historical, as a player you will be spoilt for choice since it comes with several options that you can choose to go with. You can identify precise lines where combinations may occur and win, or even place your bets along the lines. This makes the game feel less random and also leaves you feeling that you have the control of the process.

Available online

This is one of the few games with a progressive followed by any real money spin. The best news is, it can be found on Android and iOS devices. Though this mobile version has been simplified, no feature of the game has been compromised. The gaming experience is the same.

Music & Animation

Since House of Fun is as horrific as you would have expected, there is nothing that could be better than having some Halloween music playing in the background. From the minute this game starts, you should expect to hear Kitschy Halloween music and also nighttime sound effects which are common in the UK. If you are a coward, House of Fun is not for you. You have to show bravery and defeat the evil. Its graphic and animations are satisfactory considering that this is a slot game. All you have to do is to wait and see what the next horrific character is going to do or say. At its corner, there is a 3D kid and dog waiting to cry and bark loud whenever you win. The graphics and animations are of good quality when compared to other slots.

House of Fun is a true definition of what a game should be and have. With its super graphics and animations sandwiched between horrific themes, there is nothing better the market can offer.

  • The music is fitting,
  • the sound effects are excellent,
  • the payouts are breathtaking.

As a gambler, I wouldn’t expect any more. Playing as well as winning is not hard. I don’t see any reason you should not try it for free if you haven’t so far. You can try to play House of Fun casino slot machine. It is excellent with a touch of yesterday and today. It is a game to try and keep on playing

One response to “House of Fun”

  1. manson says:


    but nice sound and interface in general is made very well – all symbols are like alive…

    what ab the payments!!? …they are really hight! but only if U play with high stakes! like a high roller….this is not AB me…i like to play long and with a low bets — j(ust don’t wanna lose all my money for deposit…u know) this game is one of the most creepiest, strange but not boring!

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