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The Incredible Hulk, the Superhero that makes you Rich

Do you remember the big green mean machine from the pages of your favorite comic book? Look no further cause The Incredible Hulk- Ultimate Revenge slot is now on your online casino slot screen and is rearing up to go on his big adventure. Come along, join him and you just might become richer than Tony Stark!!

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Help The Hulk and Reclaim your Superhero Dreams

Cryptologic, capitalizing on the popularity of Marvel Superheroes brings you this unique online slot machine game where the every comic book-loving slot player’s dream of earning big hard cash comes true while he or she helps the big green monster to wreak some havoc. One of the major attractions of online Hulk Ultimate Revenge slot machine is that the machine uses original drawn images in comic book style, bringing a very authentic feel while you spin for your next jackpot. While you have the usual Nine to Ace symbols, you also have weapon, broken glass, tank and Special Forces, adventurous staples from the superhero genre.

Make Money like a Superhero

Slot Machine Hulk Ultimate Revenge is a nine pay line and five reel video slot game having four progressive jackpots to quench your quest for gold. You can allow a maximum of 125 coins per line and stand a chance to win by landing one of the lucky twenty-four winning combinations. Online Hulk Ultimate Revenge slot machines have low limit payouts. You can play this game for both real money and for free. No matter whether you bet a mere 0.20$ or the full 125 credits, the real cash you stand to win is same for every player.

Bonus Levels: Find out your Own Superpowers

Not just the Hulk is powerful but with every spin, you get closer to the progressive jackpots on slot machine Hulk Ultimate Revenge. Although the Jackpot is triggered, randomly like most Marvel games, statistics show that chances increase when you bet higher and challenge the unknown. Hulk Ultimate Revenge Slot has the green eye of the Hulk as the wild symbol and his mighty green blow is the scatter symbol. The bonus round, when unlocked, consists of you helping the Hulk to pick up five objects and throw at five helicopters in Shoot-‘em-up style segment. This is a challenging piece of game where you need to clear at least three scatter symbols. Do so, and the prize is all yours.

The Incredibly Moneymaking Hulk

Like all other Marvel properties, this also has tremendous appeal even after being a moderately profitable slot in the end. Hulk Ultimate Revenge slot scores big on the pop-culture quotient and has become a crowd favorite in almost no time at all. Try your hands on the slot machine Hulk Ultimate Revenge and win many dollar bills while you are at it.

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  1. Gilbert)009 says:

    typical men’s slot! if you are a girl you will not like it because of the interface..but..who knows! I play mostly will max pay lines and with a max bets – even in a such way it’s difficult to lose all the deposit, the game is generous payments of money and special symbols! I had only one problem with the withdrawal, but after I passed the verification everything went OK!

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