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What is so incredible about The Incredible Hulk Slot

Incredible Hulk Slot, Playtech Mobile Slot’s latest offering with big treasures, high-grade payouts and a progressive but huge jackpot makes it the perfect slot machine for you to invest your hard earned cash on. Let’s find out what else the Online Incredible Hulk slot machine has to offer us slot aficionados.

Going toe to toe with the Hulk for some smashing wins

When it comes to a great slot machine these days, we all want a game like Online Incredible Hulk slot machine, which has a great character, a progressive story buildup that is inspired from its comic book roots and the latest 3D graphics, which enthralls the audience and provides a complete experience. Slot Machines Incredible Hulk also provides great surround sound experience and brings home a certain summer blockbuster movie like quality right down to your console. The game is easy to navigate and play and offers increasingly more returns the more rounds you go at it, making it a sure shot winner over a length of play time if you place your bets right.

Find out how the Online Incredible Hulk slot machine can make you some Big Money

Incredible Hulk Slot, based on Marvel entertainment’s popular superhero character The Hulk, is a smash hit progressive jackpot type game that has 5 reels and 50 pay lines to boast of. Bet sizes can start from just 1 cent and go up to 1$. While the bet limit is 10 coins per line, the maximum is 500$ per spin. As there are 50 pay lines instead of the usual 25, you stand more chances to win than you normally would. The symbols are crowd favorite signs carrying a trademark comic book sensibility, such as the wild symbol Hulk, the scatter symbol carried by the Hulk Logo. Radioactive Signs, Police Cars, Green Gamma Ray Potions, Helicopters and Playing cards are some of the other symbols that this game has to offer.

Make Hulk angry and you will win the Bonus Rounds too

When the wild symbol Hulk appears in the middle three reels, it can replace all other existing symbols (except the scatter symbol) and usher in the Expanding Hulk bonus. On the other hand if you get three or more Hulk Logo scatter symbols on the same payline, not only do you get 10 free spins, but also you stand a chance to win more prizes. Incredible Hulk slot also has the smash bonus. If the corresponding symbols appear on the two outermost reels, the smash bonus is invoked. An angry hulk and a big win, what else can you ask for. Look out for the special Hulk Rage feature too.

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  1. Paul says:

    The Hulk’s slot is quite interesting and realistic. If you play correctly and read before the game rules, then the ending can be very fun and useful. There are many bonuses, the main thing in time to understand that they can be removed and reached to the correct level. The main sign is the sign of the Hulk, who looks perfectly and harmoniously in the line. If it hits more than two icons in one line, it means that the rotation can be doubled or even tripled, and also get additional prizes that will perfectly play their role in the game and will bring additional funds.

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