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A Jewels 4 All pokie is a 5-reel game with 9 active lines developed by the well-known Novomatic gaming company. This unique slot machine is a luxury-themed gaming creation with lots of diamond signs, cash stacks, gold symbols, etc.

Jewels 4 All basic Functions

To play the Jewels 4 All slot machine, bettors need to choose the desired version first. This game can be tested in a real money mode or just for fun via any supported device. A gambler just needs an internet connection. It can be played instantly via search engines or by downloading the Jewels 4 All pokie into a device. If players want to do some serious betting for real cash, they need to create an account at their favorite casino and deposit some money first. Before infusing any cash, gamers should check for limitations, terms, and conditions.

This betting machine can be started by clicking on the “Start” button which can be found on the right bottom side of a gaming display. There is also the “Auto Start” which can be used for automatic spinning. The only downside with this option is that a player cannot use a gambling feature while auto rolls are on. To change stakes, bettors need to press the “Bet One” button. To make things easy, a gambler can also use a “Max Bet” mark to adjust the wager to the maximum instantly.  There are 5 line buttons that can be used to change the number of active lines in the Jewels 4 All betting game. For more information about rules, symbols, and settings, gamers can visit the “Info” window.

Big Wild Payouts

The Jewels 4 All is a game where bettors can earn big cash stakes very fast. Besides lots of basic signs, this casino machine offers one special symbol. It is a Wild icon that can replace other signs. The only difference is that when the Wild appears, 9 fields will be covered. A number of combinations that can pop out will grow multiple times allowing gamers to earn mega jackpot outcomes at any moment so be sure to collect it whenever that is possible.

Gambling Feature

If players are up for some risky betting, they can check out a gambling feature which will be available after every winning round. A game is simple. Bettors need to pick the next card color. For making the right answer, gamers will be rewarded with the double amount that was gambled. In a case that player’s choice is not correct, all of the wagered cash will be lost. Gamers can repeat the picking process up to 5 times. This means that a gambler can earn big cash amounts even when the initial reward is lower.

How to Win More?

Increasing the odds of success is a crucial factor when playing any online slot machine. A luck is always an important factor, but with the right strategy implementation, gamers can expect lots of big payouts in the Jewels 4 All pokie.

  • Always play with the maximum number of lines. When this option is set, bettors can combine more and get additional win lines.
  • To enhance winning possibilities more, gamers can use a Big Wild opportunity. This unique card can bring huge outcomes at any moment and boost players bankroll several times. Try to combine this card with other icons as much as possible.
  • Players can use a gambling feature to multiply their winnings even more. Choose wisely and gain bonus cash in just a few quick picks.
  • To make sure that some of the biggest jackpot rewards can be won, bettors need to set the wager to the maximum. In a case that a gambler gets the wild symbol in the middle of a playing display when stakes are set to the highest value, win amount can be more than decent.

The lowest bet for a single round when all 9 lines are turned on is 9 coins which makes this slot game suitable for everyone’s pocket. It provides a real adrenalin rush like betting in a land casino. Big cash prizes can pop out at any moment so pay close attention when auto rolls are on. Adjust the playing table, and have fun while betting.

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