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A Joker Wild is a classic poker-based casino machine developed by the Booming Gaming vendor which is played with 53 cards (52 plus a joker icon). Good gaming plan and a little portion of luck could bring lots of real money in this online game with a chance to multiply earned cash more than once.

Playing Symbols and Joker Table

The Joker Wild casino machine has a simple playing table with basic functions for fast adjustments. To start betting, gamers can press the “Deal” button in the center of the main menu. For changing stakes, a player can use two buttons. The “Bet Level” mark servers for shifting between 5 bet levels. All payouts are shown on the betting screen. The other button is a “Max Bet” icon which is used for changing a wager to the maximum automatically. For additional tuning, players can change the coin denomination by clicking on up and down arrows. Total credit and win amounts are shown below the main menu.

While spinning the wheel in the Joker Wild casino machine, bettors can find playing cards from 1 to 10, J, Q, K, A and a Joker sign. The goal of this game is to combine offered cards and create winning combinations starting from Kings or higher. This means that the weakest combo is a pair of Kings. To gain extra cash and more outcomes, players can use a special card, the “Joker”. This is a wild symbol that substitutes all cards in a deck. For more information about settings, rules, and payouts, gamblers can check out the “Help” window.

Gambling Opportunity

While playing the Joker Wild game, a player can boost his/her odds of success by selecting the “Gamble” button after a winning combination was made. When this is done, a gambler will be transferred into a room of choices where the earned amount can be increased several times. A player needs to guess the card color to double cash. In a case that gamers guesses the card suit (clubs, diamond, hearts or spades), the prize will be quadrupled. Bettors should know that they will lose all gambled cash if their guess is wrong. The gambling feature can be stopped at any moment by clicking on the “Collect” button. When a successful choice is made, a player can guess again and earn even more money.

Tips for Scoring Big

There is more than one way to win big cash amounts in the Joker Wild gaming machine. To increase scoring possibilities, gamers can:

  • Set the gaming table carefully so that they can prolong betting time more. This is important giving the thought that the odds of winning will grow after each round.
  • Try to infuse a Wild icon into a winning combo whenever this is possible. A joker is a very useful symbol that increases the range of possible outcomes. So if a gambler is having a bad streak, this sign can bring luck in just s single round.
  • Be sure to change the bet value to the highest level. This adjustment can provide some of the highest payouts in a game. The main reason why bettors should always set a wager to the maximum is the possible prize for getting a “Natural Royal Flush”. If this combo is won with bets set to the fifth level, gamers will obtain 4000 coins in just one spin.
  • Use a re-spin opportunity. If a winning line appears, bettors will have a chance to hold it and re-roll other cards. This function will be started automatically but there is also a possibility to hold cards manually. This option can increase winning opportunities after every turn.
  • For more cash, players can enter the gambling room and try to increase winning amount by guessing the right card color. If gamblers are up for some risky moves that can bring lots of bonus money, gambling feature can pay off in just a few rounds.

The Joker Wild is a low to medium volatility casino game with the theoretical return to a player of 97.95% which is above the average. Gamers can access this game using any supported device instantly or by downloading the software from an online store.

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