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A Journey to the West is an online slot machine made by the Pragmatic Play developing house. This game comes in a 25 pay lines version and 5 reels. It’s an Asian-themed pokie with lots of elements related to this area in a time of warriors.

Setting the Playing Table

The Journey to the West online game can be accessed by any supported device like mobiles, tablets, etc. To find this game, just go to your favorite casino site and choose a way to spin the wheel. There are two possible choices. This slot can be spun for free and for real cash rewards. It can be downloaded directly into a desired gadget or playing instantly via search engines like Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla, etc. To bet for real cash, a player will have to deposit funds into an account first (this option is available only for bettors who are more than 18 years old in a country where betting is legal). When all preparations are completed a gambler can set some of the basic functions in the Journey to the West online slot.

To start playing, bettors need to click on the “Spin” mark which is located in the right bottom part of a playing screen. This is actually a place where almost all spinning functions can be set. Under it is an auto roll mark where a gambler can easily adjust the number of consecutive rounds. On the right and left side are + and – signs which can be used for increasing and decreasing stakes for a single spin. Coin denomination can also be changed by clicking on the “Coin Value” button. For more speed players can use a spacebar button. When it is pressed, the wheel will be stopped along with the animation. This will have no influence on future outcomes and every time when a player spins it, chances of scoring will be the same. If gamers are up for some quick betting, they can just hold the spacebar and a turbo mode will be turned on. Rounds will just go on until this mark is released.

Journey to the West Extra Scoring Chances

In the Journey to the West online pokie, bettors can find 8 basic symbols and 2 extra cards. All symbols can be combined to create a winning line looking from the left to the right side. For making extra scores, gamblers can use two special icons:

  • Wild icons can substitute all signs except for the scatter symbol. This unique card can increase players scoring chances numerous times and it can bring the highest payout in this game. It can appear on reels at any moment and provide a big winning possibility.
  • Scatter icon is the second special symbol in the Journey to the West which can bring bonus money. Players need to find 3 or more of them to trigger 5 free spins. During this feature, a gambler can collect 3 scatter signs again to gain more extra rounds. While normal spins are active, all icons are stacked except for this unique card. Before extra turns are triggered, bettors need to choose a stacked symbol with a corresponding multiplier. Choose wisely and roll the wheel of fortune for free for more extra cash.

If auto rolls are turned on, free spinning feature will stop it so that a player can select the stacked icon. When extra rounds are finished all of the earned money will be transferred into a total credit balance and automatic turns will go on.

How to Win Real Cash Rewards?

This is a simple online casino machine suitable for every gambler with the theoretical return to a player of 96.47%. Players should know that this game has a fair system in it allowing every gambler to have the same chances of getting a big cash payout. To increase the odds of success, bettors can trigger free rounds and do some extra spinning with no wagered money. For scoring the maximum prize, gamers should adjust the wager to the highest number and try to collect 5 wild icons. For even more rewards, bettors can re-trigger the bonus feature and get more free turs for additional chances.

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