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In the childhood days of the 90’s kids, the TV show one used to never miss was The Jungle Book. The awesome bonding between the animals of the jungle and the boy named Mowgli was a delightful TV show which the kids simply loved. This TV show has been created on the basis of the famous book named as “The Jungle Book” authored by Rudyard Kipling which actually comprises of several stories surrounding Mowgli and his various animal friends. The slot game developed by Blueprint Gaming based on “The Jungle Book” promises to captivate players beyond imagination.

Promising a Wild Experience

Jungle Jackpots is a slot game which will take the player through the jungle of the Jungle Book and gives a magnificent experience. The slot machine has 5 reels and 20 pay lines with a backdrop of jungle-like consisting of symbols like a pair of glowing torches, a bowl of fruits, few old huts and a Jungle Jackpot logo. Other lower symbols include the general card representations like 10, A, J, Q and K. The wild symbol of this slot machine is the large paw symbol written WILD on it which substitutes all the symbols except the bonus symbol represented by Baloo which is also the scatter symbol. This slot game is so pleasing because of the lively soundtrack that it enables the player to swing through the reels continuously. Jungle Jackpots also boast an amazing animation which is quite engrossing.

Boastful Bonus Features

Jungle jackpot is a slot game developed by Blueprint Gaming which offers a plethora of bonus features that promises to provide players with an opportunity to win a lot of coins. The following are the bonus features which a player can enjoy:

  1. Mowgli’s Wild Adventure: This feature allows the player to acquire any of the 4 sub-bonuses during the gameplay namely Kaa’s Locking Wilds, Monkey Mischief, Hathi’s Expanding Wilds and Mowgli Wilds. The player can cash in the different amount of coins through these mini bonuses.
  2. Baloo’s Colossal Spins: This bonus feature awards with Baloo Bonus, Baloo Bonus Scatter, and Baloo’s Colossal Spins. The player can trigger this feature if Baloo appears on reels 1 and 3 along with Baloo’s Colossal Spin Symbol on reel 5.
  3. Bagheera’s Free Spins: The player can trigger the feature by getting Baloo to appear on reels 1 and 3 along with Bagheera’s Free Spin symbol on reel 5. Bagheera’s Wild Streak gets triggered if there is any winning combination on the reels.
  4. Mowgli’s Cash Trail: This is a feature which requires the player to reveal ‘green Continue apples’ which advances up the trail, ‘red Collect apples’ to end the feature and collect the prize. A huge payout is given if the player reaches ‘Golden Apple’. The player can win up to 1000 times the bet he makes.
  5. Baloo’s Cash Bonus: A mystery prize can be won up to 500 times the total bet from Baloo’s bonus.
  6. Baloo’s Bonus Gamble: The player can gamble with one of the last 4 features mentioned above for getting bigger bonuses. There is a Baboozy Prize too which the player can target to win.

All the bonus features described above let the player play with so many options in this wonderful slot game.

Prominent Gameplay

This slot game undoubtedly delivers a unique experience to the players through its wonderful gaming interface. This particular slot game will surely revive all the memories for the kids of 90’s era. The game is so engaging that the player keeps playing this game for longer periods with plentiful of features to play with.

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  1. Oskar says:

    Slot Jungle Jackpot goes to our time since childhood, even our parents played these machines on the streets of the city or in the basement. But playing this game online, I made a conclusion for myself that I was most impressed by the Mowgli money trail. Here if you go to the golden apple, you can get a doubling of the amount on the current balance 1000 times. This level appeals to me completely and this point with a golden apple I want to smash everyone.

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