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It is time to be wild again when the crowd favorite Jungle Wild II slot is in focus. A tremendous combination of excellent graphical appeal, it also offers exquisite gameplay and handsome rewards every time you put a hard spin.

Looking into the Jungle: Going Wild

Published by WMS in 2011, this is an upgrade to the crowd favorite Jungle Wild but with better features and chances to win bigger bucks this time around. While most slot games these days promise bigger jackpots and implicitly ask for bigger bets, Jungle Wild II slot offers incredibly low minimum bets and that has always been the secret to success for this particular line of slot machines. Online Jungle Wild II machine also builds upon the beautiful graphics and tropical wildlife themes of the previous version and enhances it quite a few notches higher. Symbols like flowers, plants, monkeys, birds, Mayan pyramids, headdresses & pendants transport you from the front of the Jungle Wild II to the depths actual wild.

Playing the Jungle: A Wild Experience

Online Jungle Wild II machine is a five-reel game but the beauty lies in the fact that it is not a simple copy paste of the previous version but an upgrade. Here reel 2, 3 & 4 are as usual four symbols tall but reels 1 & 5 are only two symbols tall. The amazing graphics and the surround sound effects enhance the gameplay and transport the player amidst the tropical rainforests.

Going the Extra Mile: The Bonus in the Jungle

The Jungle Wild symbol operates as the special bonus symbol and when you manage to land this symbol in one or more positions across your spin wheel, the more your chances increase to unlock the bonus rounds and multiplied wins. The game also contains a multiple Free Spin round which again you can trigger by availing lucky combinations that hit the sweet spots. Besides the Wild Symbol, it also contains Sticky Wild symbols. The interesting sticky wild symbols stay present at their respective positions even when the free spin round is in progress. You can win up to almost 20 Free Spins on a lucky hand.

Final Words on Slot Machines Jungle Wild II, an instant classic

Slot machines Jungle Wild II is one of those rare games that is able to capture the essence of its predecessor and is able to enhance the flavor of the game. It is also a crowd favorite due to the steady bet and wins ratio, which rewards the patient players and ushers in the golden coins.

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  1. Gecko2 says:

    Unlike Jungle Wild 1 this version is much better because here is much better graphics and more options for winning! Firstlly I played in demo-mode, without money…but it’s  a bit boring and I decided to try my luck and replenished my deposit for 30 dollars and WON! my firs win was 96 dollars – not much but it’s still very pleasant not to lose!! hope to win moreeeee

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