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Keno can trace its origins to the Chinese way back in the Mid-19th Century. Due to its popularity, the game found its way into the USA thanks to Chinese that were working on USA railway lines, and since then the game has been spreading throughout the globe and came to the UK. Any lottery player can easily identify Keno for the two games which are quite similar. Those that are completely new to online casino games will find this review quite helpful as I will delve into Keno game’s rules, its strategies and the various bets you can place.

How Do I Play Keno Slots?

Playing Keno slots online is very straightforward thanks to a world-renowned software gaming provider, Microgaming. The Keno slots machine features a quality theme with impeccable graphics, realistic sound effects and state of the art animations that contribute to the thrill of playing Keno slots.

The goal of this game is to select numbers from the 80 numbers available on the grid, and once you hit the play button, all you have to do is hope that the numbers you selected are hit. You can select a maximum of 20 numbers and a minimum of 1 number. Any number you select at a Keno game is called a spot, and when any of your spots is drawn, it is called a catch.

Type of Bets You Can Place

Now that you are familiar with how the game works let us look at a couple of bets you can make while playing Keno slots.

Straight Ticket – this bet allows you to select a group of spots and select the number of games you will play using these spots.

Split Ticket – with this ticket, you can place a bet on more than one set of spots, but you can only play one game with the selected numbers.

Way Ticket – this ticket enables you to place multiple bets by selecting the spots, grouping them then placing a bet on the selected groups.

Combination Way Ticket – this is simply combining groups to make multiple bets

King Ticket – first group your spots into groups then pick one spot that will appear in each group. The spot that appears in each group is a king. If the King is hit during gameplay, then you are assured of a huge payout.

Minimum/Maximum Bets

In most online casinos, the minimum bet you can place on each spot is $5 while the maximum bet is $10. However, this may vary among different online casinos.

Keno’s Winning Strategy

Since this is a game of chance, there is no known winning tip to help you win but here are a number of things you can do to enhance your Keno gaming experience.

  • Select many spots for this assures a high payout when your spots get hit
  • Select an online casino with the most favourable pay table
  • Set a time and financial limit while playing Keno online

Brief Summary

If you have never played this game before, I would recommend that you play free Keno casino slot machine before betting real money to enhance your playing skills. Once you gain enough confidence sign up with your preferred online casino to kick-start your thrilling Keno gaming experience.

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  1. Kermit TT says:

    I need some time to understand how to play and all this stakes policy and thanks to the article it wasn’t a big problem for me. I faced first troubles only when I tried to withdraw my deposit…I connected to live chat and asked them for help. Thanks God they solved my question without great nerves on my part and I received my money from this slot.

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