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The Magic Mirror slot is an online gaming slot which is owned and managed by none other than Merkur gaming. The Merkur has made this game different from the other video slots. The Merkur gaming is a German-based company that is mainly known for its machine and casino games.  This video slot is full of fairy tale stories. It will take you to a different world. It is based on the fairytale of ”Snow White and the seven dwarfs”. Here in this game, the main attraction is the beautiful princess, the evil queen and of course the magic mirror.

The video game takes you away from the land of stories and fantasies. The game concentrates around the mirror. It has a beautiful backdrop of the castle and the forest where the princess lives.  The game has a powerful technical design with quick loading and provides its slot players a smooth gaming experience.

Attractive Gaming Features

It is an interesting game with 5 reels. The pay line is 10. The game takes you to a world of magic where you will be able to see all those fairy tale characters about which you have read in your childhood. You will find the witches and wizards, majestic castles etc. The magic mirror will show u all the corners of the magical kingdom as you start playing the game. The special effects given to the game is enthralling. The reels are set against the beautiful backdrop. The betting range is from €0.10  to €100. You will get coins to set against your betting. Before the mirror starts the game, the betting should be done.

The game of Magic Mirror

The symbols available in the game is both the Wild and the Scatter which pays 200x of the total bet. The Wild and the Scatter makes the combinations for winning on its own and can replace all the other symbols of the game. Every time a winning combination is made, the symbol of heart and spade will come up. This can double your winning if you can guess the color of the upcoming card. The gameplay and their meanings are as follows:

  • The coin symbol will help you to adjust the size of the coin
  • The autoplay will turn the reel n-number of times without any disturbance.
  • The Max will allow you to set the maximum bet.
  • The play symbol will allow the reel to set in motion.

This game involves different symbols. The different symbols and their credit payout are:

  • The Lady symbol in the games pays 500x.
  • The Unicorn pays 200x
  • The book and the ring symbol pays 75x.
  • The magic mirror has the best feature, it gives 10 free games if while playing three mirror symbol appears.

Up to 10,000 credits can be won by playing this game. There are some hidden treasures too that can be found while playing the game.

Method of Payment

The magic mirror offers many free slots. The Magic Mirror also offers its players to play the game with real money.  The payment methods include Debit card, Credit card, Paypal, PaySafeCard, etc.

Should you Play this?

The Merkur gaming has made the game user-friendly so it is very easy to understand and play. Since most of us know the fairytale of Snow White and the mirror so it becomes very easy to relate to the game.

The special symbols make the game attractive as it gives free slots. The magical power of the mirror also makes the game different from the others.This game has high winning potentials. This game will have the potential to leave to leave its players wondering whether this is a video game or the actual fairyland where we used to travel in our childhood.

The FAQ’s are available which makes it easier for the young players to help the game properly.

The Magic Mirror is one of the best slot game of the Merkur gaming. The beauty of the games leaves its players bewildered at times. The display, sound, and visual effects make it quite different from the other slot games. It is absolutely worth for playing with real money.

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