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Mystery Joker, by Play’n GO, is a game designed for those who enjoy the traditional slot machine style, but with a twist on it. Play’n GO has crafted a pokie that offers its users unbeatable graphics, superb sound quality, and animations for a unique player gaming experience. All of their games are available in 30 languages and instant play. All of their full version games are available in full HD.

Unlike some of the other online gaming slots, this one is completely tablet and mobile friendly. You can play your favorite games at home or on-the-go with one of the strongest mobile casino platforms on the market. Don’t let the fancy technology fool you, though. The website will still function steadily, securely and hassle-free. There’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy this 5 line, 3 reel gaming experience filled with free spins.

Tips For Winning

Mystery Joker is a simple game to play. It’s a layout that traditional slot players will recognize. There are six symbols in total that you’ll see which include the star, bell, grape, lemon, cherry and the joker hat. Three hats get you 10 free spins, also known as the scatter. There’s also the mystery win, which can get you 1-100 times your bet.

The max bet is $5.00, and the paytable ranges from 10-50, but that can go a lot higher if the scatter or multiplier is activated. Imagine hitting 100 on the multiplier with 50 payout line. If you find your fingers getting tired of clicking the mouse, set the autoplay, sit back, relax and watch your winnings rise. When you do the autoplay, you have the option to set it for 20, 50, 100, 250 or  500 spins. You can also choose when to stop it after a certain amount of winnings, balance increase or decrease. You can choose to stop autoplay as soon as you win as well.

Increasing The Odds

If you want to ensure that you get the highest possible payout while you’re playing, increase your bet to the max. You don’t have to in order to hit it big, but the higher you bet, the more you’ll win. However, increasing your bet won’t increase your odds of hitting any of the special symbols. Remember, it’s a game of luck!

Bonuses & Easier Earnings

In this slot, there are two main in-game bonuses that can earn you plenty of coins and keep you playing for hours on end.

  • Free Spin Scatter

    This feature is one of the easier to activate. When you see three joker hats anywhere in the play area, that means that you have triggered the free spin feature. During this time of play, you get 10 free spins. All earnings coincide with the bet that you placed. So if you have a $2.00 bet, that’s the bet that will remain active through all 10 spins. However, if you activate this feature again during your free spins, you will get 10 more. You can do this up to 50 free spins. We were able to hit this quite frequently throughout our gameplay, which made the slot more fun for us.

  • Mystery Win

    This feature is triggered when you have two hats revealed during the free spins. When this happens, you receive 1-100 x your bet. So if your bet was $5.00 and your mystery number is 10, you will get $50.00. Unfortunately, it does not tell you what your mystery number is, it will only tell you how much you won. We were able to hit this quite frequently during our free spins.

Our Final Words

Slot machines should be a fun experience, not one that you’ll regret. We are happy to say that the odds of winning at this game are very good. In our experience, we would hit something 1 in every 15 spins, but this would vary from time to time. The odds of hitting the free spin were rather high, as was the mystery win. We were very pleased with this game and how it performed on both a computer and cell phone. The graphics didn’t change, and there was no lag. Overall, it’s an easy game to play with a fun theme and easy-to-hit bonuses.

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