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Nirvana can be defined as an ideal or idyllic state or place. This game is filled with bonuses and features that may just send you into an idyllic state of mind with all of the winnings you can get. This game by Yggdrasil features a very attractive background, which shows some fog and ancient buildings. The symbols on the boards are beautifully drawn, featuring what looks like gems and a rabbit with antlers, a scary snake, and more. The reel itself features 20 paylines and a 3 x 5 play area. The theme of this game is simply Nirvana and mythical creatures.

Getting The Most Out of Nirvana

When you play Nirvana, there is a variety of winning combinations that allow you to win generous amounts of coins. You can bet with a coin value of €0.05-€5.00. You can autoplay as well if you prefer to let the slot do the work for you. The payouts vary from small to large. The gem icons pay you from €5 to €75. The mythical creatures are worth from €20 to €250. After the reels stopped, one of the reels is nudged up or down for the best possible outcome. There’s also a mega reel, wild seeds, re-triggers, and some other excellent bonuses that come with this pokie.

Winning the game is all about strategy. You have to know when to bet the max and when to keep it at the minimum. This pokie is fairly easy to win at if you play it the right way. The user interface is simple, and the game is easy to learn.

Features & Bonuses

Nirvana is full of pretty awesome features and bonuses, which is what makes the game so popular. Check out some of these great bonuses & extras:

  • Nudge Reels: These work in your favor all of the time. When they show up, they will either bump up or down one spot to work in your favor. This only happens if there’s an opportunity for a better outcome. The change to re-trigger a bonus is high with this, the win potential is low, and the win frequency is pretty high.
  • Mega Reel: The mega reel triggers the three middle reels to spin, and they will all land on the same symbol combination. The win frequency with this one is medium, the potential is off the charts, and the chance to re-trigger is low.
  • Wild Seeds: This creates 2-4 wilds on random spots. These cannot land on wilds or free spin symbols. The win frequency is off the charts, and both win potential and a chance to re-trigger are in the medium outcome range.
  • Free Spins: Landing on two or more of the lotus flowers trigger the free spins plus coins. 4 lotus flowers give you 1000 coins, and 5 gives you 5000 coins. If you happen to hit three or more free spin symbols, you can pick one additional feature and play two of them at the same time. If you get three more again, you can play three features at the same time. Whenever you add a feature, the counter is back to 10 for free spins.
  • Wilds: These are triggered by a green wild symbol. They substitute for all other symbols except for the free spins.

It’s pretty cool how you can trigger more than one feature at a time. This greatly increases your chances of a large payout and possibly jackpot-like winnings. The key to winning is what features you pick at which time. The 96.2% RTP can either make or break you, depending on which feature you choose to play with.

Final Thoughts

We really enjoyed playing Nirvana. Yggdrasil slot machines are known to be some of the best for newly released pokies. They always feature magnificent graphics and awesome themes. We were highly impressed with the payouts and all of the features the come along with it. The features and bonuses along should be a good reason for you to come and play Nirvana. They are amongst some of the most unique that any slot machine has online. Go ahead, play Nirvana and see what you can get. We promise, you will not walk away disappointed, even if you lose.

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