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Before I even get to the basics, what are your chances of winning? Now, I’ve played tons of games that have little chances of winning, some; I don’t even recommend because they purely depend on luck. But with Peggle, winning requires your skill. Want to know why? Continue reading, and you will discover.

The History of Peggle

Released in early 2007, Peggle is a spontaneous video game created by Pop Cap games. Since its release in the Microsoft and Mac operating systems, other versions have been released for gaming consoles that include the Xbox and the PlayStation, just to mention a few.

The game became increasingly popular; it became a cult in its initial years of development that saw it developed as a Java application. Over the years it was incorporated into World of Warcraft, an online game. A sequel; Peggle knight was consequently released in 2008.

Peggle Types and Gameplay

The game itself has levels in each, the player is challenged to shoot a limited number of balls at a pool of pegs with the aim of clearing out specially marked pegs and attaining a high score. However, skilled shot planning is required to achieve this. I told you, it’s not about luck. Peggle masters can aid players to achieve unlimited success in this game.

Currently, there are three game types; Peggle extreme, Peggle Deluxe and Peggle knight.

  • Peggle Extreme was the trial version and was a half-life series with only eight playable levels and one character and was very limited
  • Peggle Deluxe, however, was a full Peggle game with 50 levels and ten unlockable characters. It also has a storyline such that you could unlock characters and levels by entering the adventure mode. It also has a versus mode where you can play against a computer or a friend.
  • Peggle knight is the most recent instalment of the Peggle series. It’s fully featured and has new characters like marina and unique set of levels and challenges including all those featured in the Peggle deluxe version.

How to Play

The game itself is five reel slots, which are divided into 50, pay lines that can be activated.

Adventure is the game’s primary mode, which is divided into 55 levels. Each of these levels features an arrangement of 100 blue pegs positioned to correspond with specific level’s background picture. As I’ve said before, as a player, the goal is to ensure that the board is clear of the 25 random pegs that turned the color orange at the beginning of the level. This is achieved by striking one or many pegs with a ball launcher, which is found, at the top of the screen.


Once you hit them, they light up and fall through the bottom of the screen, if not; they are caught by a ball catcher that move back and forth along the bottom. In each level, the player has ten balls when commencing play, each representing the number of chances they have at hitting the orange pegs. The exciting part is when you earn more by landing the ball in the ball catcher or by simply getting high scores on single shots. The consequence of failing to clear the board with the number of balls allocated is restarting the level, the opposite, which is always the objective, will unlock the next level.

Tips for Winning on Peggle

Always aim at hitting higher orange pegs you could hit the lower ones on the ball’s way down. In this game having a strong 3D awareness is key because you will need to make some pegs to bounce off so that you can get to other pegs.

Always aim for the bucket even when it seems impossible.

It is also advisable to strike orange pegs instead of blue pegs whenever you can.

Look to hit style points and multipliers.

Last trick but not least, put cursor of your mouse over the peg you intend to strike, it works.

What to Avoid

  • Never waste shots attempting to score style points
  • Never lose more than four balls trying to eliminate blue pegs only to get one orange pegs, unless you can afford.
  • Never hurry to clear up orange pegs
  • Remember to always take time and aim. Never forget that
  • And finally, powers come in handy, never forget to use them


  • New Peggle master
  • New characters always come with a new skill to use and often, the characters are useful if cleverly used
  • Bonus challenges
  • There are always extra challenges to try out when you feel unbeatable.
  • Earn awards by doing well is among other benefits with this game


  • The only disadvantage is that it’s limited for a short time while it’s very addictive

In a nutshell, Peggle is one of the rare games that don’t rely on player’s luck. It’s a go for me to anyone who has some time to spare. Beware though, its super addictive.

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