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The Power shot is an online gaming slot owned and managed by the Novomatic Gaming. This leading Austrian based gaming industry is the manufacturer of this casino game. The Power Stars is a perfect fruit game with a very simple yet has a fantastic concept. It is very easy to play and is one of the most loved games. It is slightly different from the other slots created by Novomatic. In this slot, the sound effect comes when the reels spin and don’t have the usual loud sound like the other slots.

The Power Star is basically themed around the juicy fruits that are very bright and vibrant backdrop. This game is actually for the gamers who are lively and loves bright colors. The graphics and visual effects differentiate the slot from the other similar slot. Though there are many video games of similar nature still the Power Star stands out from the rest.

The Game of Power Stars

The slot Power Stars is a 5 reel game. It has a pay line of 10. The goal of the gamer will be to get various symbols that will give the win. Like all other games, there is a wild symbol in the game. The player has to swipe from right to left or from left to right across the screen of the slot machine to win the game.there are total 5 symbols that can give the maximum win. They are :

  • There are 5 Clemmons or Cherries that will give 10X points.
  • There are 5 Plums or Oranges that will give 15X points.
  • The 5 Grapes or Watermelons will give 20X points
  • The 5 bells will give 50X points and
  • The 5 Red 7’s will give the maximum number of points that is 100X.
  • The symbol Star is the wild. It will take the place any other symbols in the slot and become the winning combination of the game.

The Winning Combination of Bonus Symbols

Receiving the 5 bonus symbols together is not easy but 3 symbols often come together on the screen. The 3 symbol often creates the winning combination of the wonderful game.This game is good for the beginners who want to play some easy games that in the initial stage.

The games are easy but the players need extensive knowledge of the game for winning the game. The highest payout depends on the betting and the points received during the individual spin of the reel. In order to win more initially, the player should start with low bets.

Availability of the Game

Players can find this game in any online casino powered by the Novamatic. This game is also seen in the leading casinos. It is also available in the iTunes store for I-Phones or in the apple stores. It can also be played on the leading mobile phones, tablets, blackberry and also in the Google store for Android. This game can be downloaded for free in many of the above-mentioned stores.  Registration is not essential for this game so that everyone can play it 24 hours a day for at a continuous span of 7 days.

More Details on the Betting Features

The game can be played with or without real money. While playing with real money,  betting can be done with a minimum bet  & of $0.4. The game can be played without losing much money from the wallet. There are bonus rounds that help that player to win the game. The huge wins are only through correct bonus symbol wins. 1000 coins happen to be the jackpot.

Is this game for you?

This slot is amazing. It takes the games to the world of rich and vibrant. The Novomatic gaming has made the game user-friendly so it is very easy to understand and play. The special symbols make the game attractive as it gives free spins. This game has high winning potential. The FAQ’s that are needed to play the video game is found online that helps the young players to play the game properly.

Since this is a casino game and involves gambling so the players need to be 18 or above to play this game. The Power Shots can be played for free too.This one of the most loved and played game.

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