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NetEnt is the name of a provider that has come up with this mysterious game of Pyramid Quest for Immortality slot. The game has a theme of the ancient Egypt where fight between the Good and the Evil forms the base of the game. Of course, the typical Egyptian symbols abound this 5-reel game rewarding you with unique Avalanche TM Multipliers and more jackpot.

Enticing Theme of Pyramids and Pharaohs

The Pyramid Quest for Immortality is that game quest through the ancient Egypt. The gorgeous layout and the unique row distribution of 3x4x5x4x3 make for a refreshing change. The game from NetEnt is available from various casino to play and available in all devices including mobile.

Wilds and Avalanche Features Aplomb

The Pyramid Quest for Immortality Slot gets a unique look and its 5 reels offers 720 ways to win, which is also very exciting. As already stated, the game gets this stylish row distribution of 3x4x5x4x3. The talking point of the game is the Avalanche Technology that one might have come across in another slot too.
This Avalanche technology comes to play when a set of symbols form a winning combination, and they explode leaving room for new set of symbols to take up that empty space.
The other highlight when you play Pyramid Quest for Immortality for real money is the Wild symbol, which is the Ankh and it can substitute for all the other symbols. There are no Scatter symbols to look for.
Though there are no free spins or bonus rounds in the game, it would not matter since the game due to its Avalanche Multiplier and Wild Generation.

How to Play Pyramid Quest for Immortality Slots for Real Money Easily?

The minimum bet could range between 0.10 and 200 coins if you are playing the real money slots.
The biggest winning would come if you are lucky enough to get Avalanche Multipliers on the slots. After three of these Avalanches, you start getting 1 Avalanche multiplier and soon you would reach up to 10 Avalanche Multipliers and this will continue until you have no more wins around and give you a big 3,600 times of your actual bet!
If there is a match of symbols happening on the top three rows, then they become Wild symbol for the next Avalanche. This is the Wild Generation, which is very popular among the punters who are playing the Pyramid Quest for Immortality slot for fun.


In spite of no free spins round, the no-deposit game shall be rewarding all thanks to the Avalanche Multiplier, which shall give a great payout even as the players are playing Pyramid Quest for Immortality slot for free. The game has RTP of 96.48%.

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  1. Andrea says:

    Casino Pyramid Quest For Immortality Slot promises a lot of nice bonuses, which to get something you need to play. But if the person does not know the right positions, he will play and not think about his actions, then the result can be the same. It is necessary to understand very well what you are doing, because without it all the way will not make any sense in this game. Read to the maximum and play at full speed.

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