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Are you ready to be taken on an undersea adventure? Wild Shark by Amatic is a fun online slot game that takes you down below the ocean into shark-infested waters to rescue the waters most prized possessions. While you’re playing, there’s no need to worry about boring quality and gameplay. The makers of Wild Shark bring you a beautifully crafted animated slot that definitely beat those old school fruit machines, plain reels, and symbols.

The slot includes 5 reels and 50 bet lines, which is a lot more than we have come across so far. This means that you have an increased chance to get that huge payout that you came for. You will also encounter different tropical fish, creatures and the terrifying Wild Shark. To make the game more enjoyable, you also have the ability to win prizes just by spotting certain sea creatures such as Dories, Puffer’s, Angel Fish, Giant Turtles, and Clownfish. These features will have you sucked right in for hours of fun and exciting gameplay.

Winning The Game Of Wild Shark

Dive into some shark-infested waters to claim what’s rightfully yours. Whenever you get a paying win, you’ll see shark teeth chomping down on the cute little sea creatures. It sounds mean, but that means that you got some money! To make it better, for any win you get, you have the chance to gamble it in a “mini-game”. This allows you to either double or quadruple your winnings if you guess the right card and color.

When it comes to getting paid, the crown gives you the biggest payout followed by the sea turtle. Each other combination gives you less and less, but it’s still a decent amount. You can bet up to 200 per line and a maximum of 50 lines for a total bet of 10,000. Each spin offers you the chance to hit the bonus round, free spins and the gamble feature. In our experience with this game, bet the maximum if you have it. The bonuses and wilds were seen very frequently, allowing the earnings to keep piling on. If you get tired of pressing the “start” button, simply choose the “auto start” feature and let the machine do all of the work for you.

Bonuses & Extras

Everybody loves free cash, right? In this slot game, you can hit a few different triggers that allow you to earn extra coins:

Free Spins

During gameplay, if you see three bonus symbols pop up, you have activated 5 free spins. If your bet is up to 10.000, this means that you will get 50.000 worth of free spins. If the bonus symbol pops up again on the middle reel during the bonus, an additional spin is added to the current amount.


The wild symbol allows an extra chance to match symbols. It represents all symbols on the reels with the exception of the bonus icon. The more of these you have in one spin, the more money you can win. You also get to see the little creatures wiggle their way out of the shark’s mouth. In our experience, the free spin was easy to get, and the extra spins popped up quite a bit. From just one free spin trigger for 5, we saw an additional 5 more spins, thanks to that bonus symbol.


The gamble feature is one that isn’t seen very often, but it makes the game more fun and unpredictable. After every win, you have the option to gamble your winnings by flipping a card. You can either choose just the color for double earnings or bet on the color and the suit of the card for quadruple earnings. It shows you previously selected cards so that you can guess on the pattern. If you guess the wrong color, suit or both, you lose your winnings for that spin.

Final Thoughts

During the entire time we played this game, we say our winnings escalate dramatically. The free spins were very generous, as were the added bonus spins. Chances of winning are high, which is something that everybody loves about a slot machine. Between that and the fun animations, this is a game that is recommended for anybody who enjoys an easy user interface and tons of winnings.

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