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Looking for a fun game that lets you win a lot of money? Look no further, Stinkin Rich is the perfect slot for you. Read on to get some tips and tricks and start playing today!

The slot goes above and beyond to give you the best experience and opportunities to win big. If you are looking for a simple slot that will have you winning effortlessly and having fun at the same time, Stinkin Rich is the perfect production for you.

The game is encompassed in exhilarating graphics that glue you to the screen for hours on end. The game shows a skunk as the leading character that is surrounded by myriads of cash bills and bling. It also features a wealthy family that constitutes of an excessively wealthy old man, an older woman that has donned a variety of luxurious attire and lastly two of their stuck up kids: a boy and a girl.

The game’s background music is nothing short of relaxing and engaging. The music in collaboration with the visuals and the high-quality graphics work to keep you playing comfortably for longer periods of time. Everything in the game aligns with the rich and flashy theme that also coincides with the name. The game is popular owing to its huge payout opportunities.

This slot game is structured on five reel slots that give you an opportunity to win on up to 100 paylines. The game symbols are made up of funky and fun characters including:

  • A rotten egg
  • A skunk
  • A rabbit
  • Smelly shoes
  • Garlic
  • Cheese

How To Play Like A Pro In No Time

Stinkin Rich has a simple interface and rules that will have you playing like a pro in little to no time. When you are ready to play, place your bet amount as well as the number of lines that you want to include in your stake the press spin.

You can place a bet on up to 25 coins for every line. Also, note that you can play in both single and multiple denominations.

When we say that Stinkin Rich lets you win big, we mean it!

The highest payout that you can get per line is 50,000 credits. Furthermore, you can also pursue more than 100 ways and win the highest amount of 500,000 credits. Also, bear in mind that the maximum stake that you can have in the game is 50 credits.

Look out for the old woman in the fur coat for major wins. She is the game’s highest paying icon. Getting five old lady icons means that you get 10000 times of your initial bet amount

Get Familiar with The Benefits and Bonuses

Like with any other slot, the bonus features have made Stinkin Rich popular among the masses. The bonuses are designed to make your chances of playing and winning more realistic and bring them closer home.

One of the bonus features is ‘the key to riches’. This is a free spin bonus that is activated when more than three ’key to riches’ icons appear on one of your betting lines. Each line that bears the bonus sign gives you access to five free spins. You have the possibility of getting up to 325 free spins in one round.

The second bonus feature is the trash for cash. This features a multiplier bonus, which is activated every time the ‘trash for cash’ icon shows up on the 3rd to 5th reels. Once you choose a trashcan, the multiplier between two and five is activated.

The numbers concealed in the rest of the trash cans are also added up, and the result is then multiplied by the number of your selected trash can. The result of this is going to be your multiplier.

Last Words

Stinkin rich is an interesting pokie that enables you to make impressive payouts. It is simple to play and has an interesting twist where the skunk robs the older couple while using its stink to hide. What are you waiting for? Get on board and start winning big with Stinkin Rich today!

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