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The holidays are coming up, and there is no better way to add to the excitement than by playing Sun Tide. Read on to find out how you can play and win!

Microgaming went a step ahead and released Sun Tide to its ardent followers in 2016. This title allows you to win big rewards while factoring minimal to no risk at all. The theme, the visuals, and the structure all work in tandem to ensure you get absolute value for your time all while having fun to the fullest.

The free online slot game is set up with an engaging summer vibe theme that gets you in the mood to play all day long. The game is set up on a tropical island with a backdrop of a bright and beautiful sunset. The developers went an extra step in ensuring that the visuals are nothing short of captivating and top-notch. Furthermore, the simplicity of the online slot game draws you in to start playing immediately.

When the game starts, be prepared for the almost-blinding brightness. A yacht is seen sailing across the ocean that has the sunset lighting it up. This ends up forming the pictorials that are located on Sun Tide’s scatter symbol as well as the reels background.

Aside from mind-blowing visuals, the background music is fun and has a tropical feel. Picture a scenario where you are on a cruise, laying back and enjoying the beauty of a warm summer afternoon with some relaxing music in the Caribbean. Sun Tide brings that feeling home with its catchy tropical music. The notification sounds are subtle and bearable to ensure that you will not have to mute the sounds all together.

Sun Tide is set up on a five by three framework. What this means is that the game has five reels housing three rows each. It has nine paylines, over 30 free spins that can be triggered and several expanding wilds.

The simplicity of the game is seen in the classic fruit slot symbols. The low paying icons are characterized by:

  • Watermelon
  • Oranges
  • Strawberries
  • Lemons
  • Cherries

On the other hand, the higher paying symbols that you will want to see on your screen often are:

  • Sevens
  • Diamonds
  • Gold bars
  • Bells

Insider Tips and Tricks to Winning

Looking for tips and tricks to winning? Look no further!

The big wins come with the free spin feature, let us break this down. While in normal play mode, you are likely to win 1,222 times the bet you placed, the free spin feature increases the win up to 3,333 times the bet placed. You can retrigger the free spins and end up with up to 30 free spins.

All you need to do is spin the five reels and hope that there are at least three matching symbols from left to right. If you happen to get four or five matching symbols, your reward will be bigger.

Want to Win Big?

Now, the most important icon in the game is gold medallion. This icon constitutes Sun Tide’s wild symbol, which is where big money lies. The scatter symbol in the game is a bit challenging to come across. However, if you find more than two scatter symbols, you instantly get payouts regardless of the position.

Three scatter symbols give you up to 15 bonus spins on the reel. The maximum stake you can place on Sun Tie is 22.50 while the minimum is 0.09. With these kinds of features, you have no reason not to play this slot and win big!

The Jackpot is the ultimate win in this game. You can place a huge stake in it to ensure that you get bigger wins. The winning combination for the jackpot on Sun Tide is five matching symbols.

Final Word

The game is pretty simple to play, and the cream of the pie is that it lets you have massive wins. The classic elements combine with a touch of modernity to give you the best experience as you play.

The visuals, the music and the graphics of the game will keep you hooked to your screen all through this holiday season. In addition, the best part of it all, you will be winning with Sun Tide!

What are you waiting for? Start playing Sun Tide today!

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