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The game was developed by WMS and comes with twenty-five paylines and five reels. Every spin is worth between 35 pounds and 105 pounds. It’s a classic game and a favorite with many gamblers. It is fun to play and comes with several pictures to take the casino experience to a whole new level. This popular game is available in many land based casinos but you can also a play Monopoly online from the comfort of your home.

Unique Features

Free Parking

Whenever a parking symbol is triggered on the screen, this feature becomes available to the user. However, it can only appear in the second and the fifth reel. The parking symbol will either open up free spins for you or award a cash bonus. If a parking feature is triggered, any of the symbols can be selected (which is usually random). Once a symbol has been selected, it replaces all the parking symbols available on the reel. It could be any of these

  • A wild symbol.
  • One of the symbols on reel one (unless it’s a jackpot in which case it will be wild).

Free Spins

You have to first land not less than three bonus symbols next to the reel beginning from the left-hand side or what is known as the MM Bonus when it comes to Free Parking Feature) to get free spins. Three bonuses are available which will award with 15 free spins for five symbols, ten free spins for four symbols and eight spins for three symbols.

However, you should not expect winnings from this round to be multiplied. There is no multiplier, but you can land additional icons with the bonus.

MM Wild & Wheel Bonus

Though this symbol will only appear on reel five, it will fill up the whole reel when it does so. Any gift gotten from such a spin can either be rewarded as real money prize or Monopoly money. If you do not win anything between 1ox and 1oox, you will only get the reward for the line bet. If you win Monopoly money, it will be taken to the box above the reels, giving you the freedom to spin the wheel bonus whenever you want

Houses & Hotels

You might be wondering what hotels and houses are doing in a Monopoly slots game! They are here to make the whole experience of gaming better. They are only awarded where a person has not won anything. So, what is their worth?
• The hotel symbol awards twenty to a hundred credits
• The house awards five to twenty-five credits.


I hope that by now you must have developed into a pro even if you were a novice. It isn’t that hard to understand the paytable, and that’s the reason this game is one of best. You can play free Monopoly casino slot machine. It is an excellent one for anybody regardless of the years you have been gambling. The themes, graphics and sound effects are just awesome. You will love the game.

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  1. Bobby_onLy12 says:

    I have chosen this slot as it resembled me these old times when we gathered at the table (all our family) and played Monopoly. It could last for hours and nobody was losing his interest. The same feeling you have when you play this video slot — each spin of the reels only adds more interest to you. I enjoyed here Wheel Bonus and the atmosphere of the game itself.

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