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The Supra Hot slot is a product of Novomatic that tries to combine both the classic aspects of slots and with more innovative options. The slot maintains the classic feel with the use of fruits and the reel symbols looking like the actual reels of a land-based slot. The atmosphere therein is also old school. The modern additions give the slot a 4 reel and 3 rows character and modern commands at the bottom of the interface.

Symbols of the Supra Hot

The Supra Hot online game has 25 paylines that are fixed. The symbols include black crosses, bar signs, golden 7, lemons, plums, oranges, cherries and blue stars. Unlike most of the slots, the values of these symbols vary with the number of each symbol on the reels simultaneously. If for example, you get 3 lemons, their value will be lower compared to if you got 4 lemons. However, the values of each symbol vary, with the highest value being the number 7 and the blue stars.

Bonuses Features

This game does not have the wild, scatter and multiplier features. That, however, doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways that could make this game interesting. The following are additions that make this one look forward to playing.

  • Full House
    A player may have the entire slot interface filled with fruit symbols. The Supra Hot Slot will, therefore, be covered with 12 fruit symbols. If you get this, then your wins will be doubled instantly.
  • Gamble option
    This is another game that gives you a half and half chance of doubling your win. You get to pick the color of a card laid upside down on the interface. If the color is the one you picked, your win is double. If it’s not, then you will lose your earnings.

The Supra Hot online is interesting. It is, however, advised that you use the lowest coin value which is $0.50 when playing with real money because winning it is not easy play. The best part is that you get to enjoy this slot on any device you want, be it your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

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  1. hobo30 says:

    Easy to play and easy to win! Standard classic slot with 4 drums and very simple interface! Of course here is not 3d graphics or super fascinated design..but I like such retro slots and their unique atmosphere! also I’ve won more than 300 tonight playing this video slot at the average bets., it’s still generous and i’m not disappointed at all after playing!

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