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Texas Tea was profound and well-matched to fiction movie: The ‘giant’ who became more productive than we thought because of oil and cattle! The game offers up to 200 times reward multiplier, 9 payline positions, five reels and has high payout up to 10k credits. IGT released Texas Tea which has remained popular through years. It features a cowboy with an old hat, smoking a huge cigar with his Armadillo. Lastly, it is all about oil – pay 3x to 100x for oil divided bonus and compensate 30x to 200x for big oil bonus.

Get to Know: Texas Tea

Texas Tea has symbols that represent different prices such as Cactus, yellow rose, armadillo, longhorn, Ted and his car, globemallow, bluebonnet, and the most prominent of all symbols – texas logo. If you succeed to accommodate all 5 Texas logo, then you will win over the maximum jackpot worth of 10.000 credits. Armadillo for 500$, jet plane, longhorn, and Ted is 250 credits.

Highlighted features to avoid future confusion concerning the game’s structure:

  • Min and Maximum Bids: Minimum line bet is 5$, and maximum line bet is 100$ per line. Moreover, the minimum wage is 5$, and the highest wage supported is 900$.
  • Auto Spin: Players must specify the necessary number from 1 to 50 spins. This feature is only available if the desired wage is accepted. More importantly, it can be stopped.
  • Credits and Total Awards: Maximum payout is 10,000, and the recommended minimum credits are 100. However, below 1000 credits is applicable if losses occur in the game. Lastly, the highest award you can get is 50,000$.
  • Theoretical Return: If an unexpected failure happens in the game, the theoretical return will provide safety belts – it has more than 96 percent RTP.
  • Big Oil Bonus: In this phase, buying Big Oil Bonus, players’ bet can wage from 30x up to 200x. Basically, If any 3 separated symbols are shown in the round, therefore we have a winner of 5 up to 100 per oil Derrick. Same goes with 4 scattered symbols for 5 up to 200 per oil Derrick, and 5 scattered symbols for 5 up to 495 per oil Derrick. Therefore, a player needs to match any 3 to 5 cards in order to win the round.
  • Oil Divided Bonus: Texas Tea rewards three times up to 100 times for Oil Divided Bonus. Any three scattered symbols of Texas Ted is equivalent up to 25 times the total bet, four scattered symbols will gain up to 50 times, and any five scattered symbols increases its evaluation up to 100 times the total bet.

Moreover, the slot game has an alternative option for low/high system units. For those who have high CPU unit, the game recommends using the ‘Best Mode’ to achieve a full animated series. Whereas if your PC has a low capacity of RAM, then it is a must to set it to lower options: feel free to try ‘High Mode,’ ‘Medium Mode,’ and “Low Mode” – recommended for wooden PCs.

Tactics & Strategy

To win: matched all kinds of three cards/symbols according to the paylines. Use an appropriate option to avoid unnecessary jet lags. There are certain tricks on how to boost your luck at winning. Initially, a player needs to avoid using too much from the unique feature like ‘Auto Spin.’ It might help you relax and let the things run, but you shall run out of money first before your problem starts. Thus, always rationalize and analyze every possibility to abstain from losses. Secondly, plan out everything before setting up the bait. It will help you gain advancement throughout the game. More importantly, take a deep breath to give a full berth to become the next millionaire.

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