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One thing that holds the key to success when it comes to casino slots, particularly the video slots, is innovation. Microgaming is an established international gaming developing company that has never been afraid to think outside the box. Triangulation slot is a perfect illustration of the procedures the firm is ready to undertake so as to innovate and give gamers something they can truly love. As players will be able to note, the Microgaming’s Triangulation is not an arcade-style game, but despite its unusual format, it is still considered as a slot game. With its unique game format and neon colors, Triangulation presents a special feeling of the space age. Players playing for the first time may find it to be a bit confusing, something they’ll cope up with as the game progresses. Triangulation is a non-progressive game with a process of simple gameplay.

How to Go about This New Sensation

  • First of all, it is very important to point out that there are no standard reels in this slot machine game. The gaming field is all contained in a triangle that has one spot located at its top. The next row contains three spots while the third row carries five spots. The fourth row, which is also the last one, contains seven spots.
  • The main objective of this game is to land four or even more adjacent triangles that are of the same color. The frame will be filled with sixteen triangles during the gameplay, and each of them has different colors. Figures of those same colors are adjoined with its sides, from the combinations that have been paid. There are a total of eight different colors of triangles, and each one of them has their own multiplier.
  • This is the combination of the colors; the gray has 0.1x, the purple has 0.2x, the blue has 0.8x, the violet has 1.2x, while the green has 2.5x. Other colors that are represented are yellow, which has 4x, orange with 5x, and red one that has 10x. The red triangle also plays the role of a wild symbol, and so it can be used to create extra winning spins. Besides that, there is a bonus symbol, and this will come into action when any of the colored triangles makes an appearance with a circle in its midst.
  • Each spin has a betting range of $0.1 at the minimum, and this can maximize to $50.00 based on $1 as the value of the coin.

For a player to succeed, he or she must have four triangles in just one chain. The amount of the payout will mainly depend on the color and the quantity of the triangles. One black symbol, for instance, will grant a player a payoff of an x0,1 index. This is one-tenth part of the total bet. On the other hand, one wild is paid out by x10 multiplier. The moment the payoff is charged by the combination, all the symbols that have been included into it will vanish, and new ones will drop in at their places.

Plenty of Bonuses in Store, Too

Even in the absence of the requisite symbol, this slot is available with two bonus features, all which are designed to give the players more chances of winning the money. The first bonus is a cascading feature launched on the random basis.

  • After the first spin, a number of triangles will disappear, only to get replaced immediately by other triangles. This is a way of coming up with extra winning combinations. Payouts will be made on any combination that has been realized with the first spin and even the ones that were created after the emergence of the new triangle.
  • The second feature of the bonus will come into play when three or even more bonus symbols appear at any place on the triangular matrix. When that takes place, the player is given an opportunity to alter any three triangles to wild symbols. This will automatically come up with a combination of other winning numbers.

This Is the Verdict…

Whereas The Triangulation slot might not be geared towards high rollers that would enjoy big potential payouts, it is still a breath of fresh air for most ordinary casino slot players. The game is not complicated, but it might get a bit confusing especially for a first-timer. After playing the bonus game, players will definitely get the hang of this game and enjoy it more.

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