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There is no better break from the day-to-day chores than taking a walk down to a tropical forest and enjoying the wonderful wildlife that it has in store. That can now be possible every day of the week by simply spinning the reels of a slot of a fantastic game known as Tropical Reels by Playtech.

An All-Fun, Non-Average Game

One thing that players will notice the moment they get down to start playing the Tropic Reels is that it is not an average slot game, but the fun will be guaranteed despite their preferences. Tropic Reels is a 3-reel slot and 5 pay lines. However, here is one thing that sets it apart from most similar games; it has a unique multi-spin feature and no less than five rows of symbols.

The outcome of the spin can be easily controlled by just holding one, two or even the entire three symbols. This is one thing that can be done without being easily noticed.

The backdrop to the Tropic Reels game is jungle greenery with what appears like an Easter Island statutes as well as a bunch of tropical animals. The soundtrack, as anybody can easily guess, is noises from the jungle with special sounds when a player gets a winning combination. Whereas The Tropic Reels is definitely one of the simplest slots, there is one feature that places it above a number of games. This is its five-row, multispin machine, which is one a kind. All the symbols are tropical themed, and they include various:

  • Orange flavors
  • Pineapple
  • Colorful parrots
  • Tropical plants
  • A tiger that represents the wild symbol

Getting Some Cash with Playtech’s Tropic Reels

The Tropic Reels is already available at Playtech casinos, although the casino does not publish the house edge of most of their games, almost all. As such, it becomes very easy to identify that Tropic Reels has a number of house edge values due to its nature. The house edge of this great game from Playtech is 1.05% when playing maximum coins using the optimal strategy. On the other hand, Tropic Reels has a house edge of 1.28% while playing less than the maximum coins with optimal strategy.

The average player strategy will be able to generate a house edge that is approximated at 3%. This is one of the most amazing combinations of slots or strategy. Having indicated earlier that Tropic Reels has 3 reels and 5 paylines, it is equally important to add that players can bet one coin on each of the five pay lines. After the initial spin, the player can only maximize their chances of winning if they use the hold option. And if they have a winning combination after the first spin, then they should hold all the three reels.

Does It Have any Bonus?

  • When playing the Tropic Reels, there is one bonus feature that the players will get to enjoy. When the player hits the spin button for the first time, only the reel’s bottom set will spun.
  • The player will then be given the opportunity to hold particular symbols, and any symbols held on the reel’s first set will be held on all the reel’s five sets.
  • All the five sets of reels will spin whenever the player hits the next hit with the symbols that they had chosen held in one place.
  • The ability to pick the symbols that have been discarded and the ones that have been held only mean one thing; the game is entirely based on strategy, and as such, there is a mathematically correct decision with any particular set of symbols.
  • It is also important to note that Tropic Reels has a maximum payout of 2,500, but this can only be won by betting maximum five coins in one line, for instance, 25 coins per single spin. Any three parrots, flowers, and fruit also qualify for that huge payout.

Closing Remarks about Tropic Reels

Tropic Reels by Playtech may not have the bonus rounds or scatter icons, but who would definitely need that when there are already thirteen regular symbols to make use of?

On top of that, its numerous and wild winning combinations is just out of this world. Tropic Reels is a fantastic game, but one cannot dive into it and just continue pressing the spin button without knowing what to do; they will not go any further. Even with the absence of the optimal strategy, the gamers can still interact with this game for about 3%.

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