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Twerk slot by Endorphina is one of the latest high volatility 3 by 5, five-lines slot that is currently available for gamers worldwide. It is the first video slot of its kind ever to feature a twerk dance. Twerk dance is one of the most trendy high-energy dance styles that have been able to receive phenomenal success all over the world.

This game has brought together incredible features, which include:

  • A topic of its own kind
  • A beautiful animation
  • Stylish design
  • Soothing background music

All of these amazing features come to a climax at the bonus feature where the girls come together for the Dance Battles. This is one of the hottest slots that gamers can enjoy at a casino, and it comes with several benefits besides the apparent on-screen twerking that it presents.

It gives the players an opportunity to discover a gaming experience that is definitely out of this world and combines the flexibility and simplicity of a 3 reel 5 pay line classic. In addition to all that, The Twerk slot by Endorphina presents visually appealing dancer symbols on the reels, the side games that presents a special twist to the strategy and not forgetting the bonus rounds that are absolutely in their own league. These great features will definitely meltdown any screen. When all these great features are packed into just a single slot game, a powder keg of money is made just ready to blow! But perhaps one of the things that make this slot even more remarkable is its jackpot.

This Is the Strategy to Winning

From its features, it is evident that the Twerk slot is one of the most generous ones. Just as the twerking bodies displayed on the screen, its payouts are also as rattling as such. That explains why the players have always experienced the need for more whenever they are playing this slot. When it comes to enticing the players into betting with huge sums of money, it is the leader.

Just on a simple game of cards, players can go ahead and risk any win. The win automatically doubles any time the player tries to draw a card that is higher than the dealer. But the game would have to start over to break the tie if the cards are of equal value. The win will, however, evaporate if the card that the player has drawn is inferior in its value.

The game gives players a selection of 4 cards to draw from. This makes the process one of a special exhilarating encounter, not forgetting the adrenaline that accompanies it. As it can be seen, the strategy of winning is not for the faint-hearted!

More Twerking Bonuses

  • Besides the club music, which can also be classified as a bonus in its own self, the game definitely has the best soundtrack in the entire world history of slots. One great thing about this sound though is the smoking hot bonus that accompanies it.
  • The twerking battle of the ages that this slot presents will be triggered by simply aligning 3 up against the symbols. It will be then the duty of the computer to pick a random dancer that will represent the player, and then another dancer that would challenge her in a battle that is known as ‘the get down and twerk it’. This battle has proven, over the past, to be the one that can deliver unthinkable results.
  • Each of the battles goes for five rounds and the dancer whose symbol receives the most pay lines during that session emerges the winner. If by any chance, it is the players’ dancer, then the dancer goes to the next round, which also rewards more. Anyone can easily stuff their pockets just with the bonus round alone.

In Summary

There is absolutely nothing like beautiful ladies twerking on the screen throwing money at the player spinning. The exquisite graphics, the nice sound effects, the in-game options and the simple gameplay to boost the win just make this slot one of the best. To sweeten the deal, there is a jackpot waiting, and this makes the slot one of the best currently. This is the best game for a player who is good at spinning fast and wants to score huge.

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