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There are a broad variety of EGT online slots, but the Ultimate Hot free casino slot is one of them that players should focus more on. It impresses much with its wide variety of juicy fruits such as cherries, oranges, melons, grapes, and the golden stars. This casino slot gives the gamblers an opportunity to use five pay-lines and three reels, which is one of its high selling points. On top of that, the Ultimate Hot comes with a nice and conventional interface with understandable and clear rules. These are just some of the reasons why trying this particular game is a wise idea.

Getting That Ultimate Prize with the Ultimate Hot

Here are the steps:

  • Before beginning to spin the reels, the players should spend some time adjusting their bets. The maximum and the minimum size of the coin is 1. There are a total of five fixed bets that are positioned under the reels, and clicking each of the buttons will prompt the reel to begin spinning. To maximize their winnings, the players can click the ‘Gamble’ button and enter the gamble round.
  • Once the gambler has chosen the option for Gamble, the next thing they would be required to do is to guess the color of the winning cards. The color could either be black or red. And the moment the player goes ahead and makes the right guess, they will have his money doubled.
  • On the other hand, when players give a wrong answer, the game will have to restart afresh from the beginning. Gamers can opt to terminate the feature by themselves and pick their winnings by clicking the button labeled, ‘Collect.’
  • There are different card stages, and each comes with an amazing opportunity to enable the players to walk away with great prizes. One of them is the Jackpot Cards stage that offers the players a chance to receive free spins or even another equally generous win. The first advice the players will be given is on how to select three cards all that are of the same suit.

For the players who take their time to focus more on the progress of the game, an unimaginable prize will surely come their way. This is how easy and fast it is to make away of great prizes from the Ultimate Hot.

What about Bonuses & Benefits?

Just as in the case of a variety of other slot machines, the Ultimate Hot does not have downloads bonus rounds. Instead, gamblers are provided with a jackpot stage as well as a gamble round to usher them to this game. By clicking the start button, the players automatically activate the gaming process. However, it is important to ensure that a number of the credit for each pay-line is fixed in the right manner.

Besides that, there is also the autoplay option that the players can also select. Once the Autoplay option has been chosen, the spinning of reels will never get interrupted, and this is a great thing about the Autoplay option.

While still on the Autoplay option, the online casino will then make a stop whenever it hits the winning combination. And just to add on that, the symbols of 7’s presents the highest value, and they are capable of multiplying the total player’s wager.

The highlights of this amazing game come to a conclusion when the symbols are doubled. This is what is meant by that particular statement; when a player, for instance, receives two combinations of cherries, then a similar combination of grapes will automatically replace it side-by-side and so on.

There is one random bonus known as the Jackpot Cards Mystery that is activated any time a Jackpot Card stamped game is played. Each of these mystery jackpots is indicated by the four card suits; spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs. The cards are chosen from the pick field that contains 12 facedown cards.

To Summarize

Courtesy of this wonderful game, players have unlimited access to earn free spins whenever they play. With these bonuses and free benefits, players have all the reasons to make their days most fortunate. This game has one of the best gameplay consisting of some main steps.

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