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An Ultimate Universe is a progressive slot machine created by the 888 gaming house. This game has 25 lines and 5 reels. The theme is set in a space, so naturally, gamers can find lots of related icons like planets, stars, astronauts, etc. They can all be combined into a winning line to score real money rewards.

Ultimate Playing Table

The Ultimate Universe is a simple gaming machine with basic functions that can be adjusted from the main menu. To start gambling, a player needs to choose between two options:

  • Manual spinning is suited for bettors who want to watch and choose every move carefully. Just, click on the “Spin” button in the main bar, and start rolling the wheel of luck.
  • An automatic way of playing is for gamers who want to have fun and relax while betting. A gambler needs to select the desired number of consecutive spins. This option will be stopped manually in a case that gamblers click on the stop mark or automatically if a free spin feature is activated.

Before starting, gamers should carefully set stakes because this simple adjustment can make a difference between obtaining a huge jackpot prize or losing. In the bottom menu, a player can press + or – signs to increase or decrease stakes. When this is done, a gambler is ready to bet. Gamblers can check out playing symbols, special features and other betting parameters in an “Info” window. When betting for real cash, a gambler will need to infuse some funds before starting (after finishing the validation). Players will be paid looking from left to the right side except for a progressive prize.

Ultimate Universe Bonus Money

To win real cash rewards in the Ultimate Universe online casino game, bettors will have to create a winning line using offered signs. They can collect lots of different icons like playing cards, basic signs and special symbols that can bring lots of extra money at any moment. Gamers can find a Wild icon and use it to replace any symbol except for a scatter sign. Another benefit of gathering this card is that when it is infused in a winning line, the prize will be doubled. A scatter icon can be used to activate a free spin feature. Depending on a number of extra symbols that a player gathered, he/she will be rewarded with a determined number of bonus spins. While this feature is active, gamers can collect them again to re-trigger it. The minimum number of scatter symbols that is required for this bonus is 3. In a case that bettors collect 5 of them, they will get the maximum of 50 free spins.

Progressive Prize and Winning Opportunities

Above the playing greed, players will see a progressive counter. After each round, the number will grow. This is an extra reward that can be won at any moment totally randomly. Bettors should know that bets will influence on possible chances to score this jackpot prize so be sure to adjust a wager to the maximum. This is also a good opportunity to score some of the highest rewards in the Ultimate Universe slot machine. The number of lines is automatically set to the maximum so gamers will always gamble with maximum chances to create a winning line. The best way to win real money prizes in this pokie is to try to spin the wheel longer. There are a couple of things that a player can do to prolong gaming and increase his/her scoring possibilities:

  • Trigger a bonus feature. Try to find scatter symbols as much as possible. Playing for free will provide lots of additional chances to gather bonus money. There is nothing better than to score cash without placing any stakes.
  • Odds of success can be enhanced even more if a gambler re-triggers the bonus feature.
  • Carefully adjust stakes. This can influence on a game-time dramatically. Higher bets can provide huge outcomes, but on the other side, there is also a chance to lose cash fast.

Regardless of a strategy that gamers implement, they should know that the Ultimate Universe casino game is a fair slot that will provide the equal odds of winning for every gambler who tries it.

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