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Carrying forward fiction into reality is what this slot is all about. For public recognition, Viz is known as a satirical magazine. It was in 1979 that all comic characters were brought to light. The characters in this genre are believed to dress sharply and not so presentable. From the word go, the whole satirical thing isn’t for underage. Not to mention adult-like utterances. Once more, Viz’s publication addicts will forever zest for this slot.

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It Is All About Vibrancy in Viz

Blueprint Gaming is the brains behind Viz slot. Recognized traits such as Sid and Biffa Bacon are vividly seen while playing. The characters bring everything to the table as every gambler would expect. Talk about the good times: beer and skittles, and overall relief. Other famous characters include Roger Mellie – the fancy man on the Telly. Paunchy Slags ride along Viz’s Finbarr Saunders and his Double Entendres. Ha! Have I also mentioned that Johnny Fartpants takes it all when it comes to sound effects? There you go.

Viz Slot brings in potential wins at the palm of your hand. Before a spin, notice the entire three bonuses feature and activate each as you play along. Target each coin and earn potential jackpot progressively. Before then, the Vegas Slot sets in with 20 paylines (adjustable) and 5 reels. RTP sets in with 95.53%.

Play and Win Instantly

Whoopee! Just like that and you are set for a bonanza. Not so fast until you manage to target tons of winning lines. The lines range from 1 to 20 perceptively. A chance will be given for the gambler to choose the wager for each winning line. The targeted stake will later be multiplied to increase the player’s bet after every spin. This is what I am talking about:

  • Trigger at least two or three playing cards in string form;
  • Target the Super Wild (highest paying emblem) and win over 10,000 coins;
  • When five playing cards appear in a row the Viz emblem earns 750 coins;
  • Trigger other visible symbols and get awarded from 100 to 400 coins consecutively.

Note that the Super Wild symbols act as a substitute for any other icon apart from the bonus symbols. Take a closer look at this super famous icon and double your winnings.

Viz Slot Says It’s Fun All the Way

Deal or no deal! Choose your favorite character and see a real game-changer. The ball is in your court. I am talking about three different types of bonuses that come with this slot. Take a glance at how each bonus is activated:

  • 1st Bonus:

    It starts off when three or more FTV icons are clearly seen on the reels. A new screen with ten free spins and ten TVs will appear. A player is given a chance to select one TV, then two consecutively. Afterwards, an offer will be made when the icons prices are seen and then tossed out. It’s your choice to either decline or to accept the offer as it is.

    When the offer is declined, another chance is that the player will have to select two TV icons. Later on, a second offer will appear on the screen. The process will have to continue regardless you accept or let go. At some point, the very first prize that was brought during the start of this feature will be activated.

    The secret here is to decline the deal from the start. Play through till the end.

  • 2nd Bonus:

    Be presented with three or more of the Johnny Fartpants icon and activate the second bonus feature. As soon as the symbols are seen whirling randomly on the reels, you are set to play. When three of this symbols land, they are transformed into Wheel of Fartune. It is destined to spin, and you’ll claim an award in the end.

  • 3rd Bonus:

    It is activated when three or more of the mentioned Usual Suspects appear randomly on reels. The process takes the risk taker to a new popping screen that shows the real character traits of Viz Slot. Opt to select one of the Usual Suspects and receive an award in an instant.

Take Charge and Aim for Perfect Scores

Being a progressive jackpot that it is, you are able to level your wager and earn $250,000.Play with at least 1 Euro per spin and don’t try to miss this chance. This feature can only be played during a freespin bonus round. The presence of five Sid’s will make work easier. The betting range of this slot is from 0.01 to 25.00. However, the ultimate winning prize is 250,000 coins which is non-progressive.

Why It’s an Entertaining Experience

Blueprint Gaming didn’t have a clue of what was in store for them. After unleashing this game over a decade ago, they’ve got nothing else to say than subscribing to a hat tip. Although the slot doesn’t have scatters nor stacked wilds, its RTP- 95.53% is quenching.

Decent jackpots and thirsty-feeling features are worth a second chance. The game is humorous and somewhat comical. Best of all is the offered free spins round coupled with a progressive jackpot. It doesn’t matter if Viz would have come out with fruit and cheese symbol or Johnny Fartpants taking a role of a lemon icon. It is still a conquered deal  when it comes to playing Viz Slot Machine Online.

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