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A friend’s eye is a good mirror, so the say. Couldn’t agree more, this romanticized theme slot is one and all. It exhibits nothing else but love coupled with alluring sound effects. Instead of smelling a rat, the player will for sure smile with a win. Voila introduces us to a world of gratification. The word itself Voila! uniquely ushers France’s cultural ambiance. February 14th aficionados and those hopeless in romance are thought out in advance.

Tasty Delicacies and So Much More!

Paris and the Eiffel tower are widely known for nothing else than demonstrative oomph . In pursuit of love and romance, Microgaming chipped with Voila Slot.  Expect fun and shake-ups while playing this modern game. With 243 ways to earn a bonanza, the sky’s is the limit. Animations and graphics also play a huge role. Act as an Action Player that you are and await huge returns. Irreplaceable features such as free spins, fixed jackpots, and bonus rounds come to light. They are the main focal point, all thanks to mobile compatibility.

Taking a Trip to the City of Romance

The Eiffel Tower symbolizes love and romance in Paris. Have tons of silver coins, and you are set to go to explore this wonder-world. Before then, here’s your chance to embody yourself in this city. Voila symbols explain it all. They include: Bonus Euros (Scatters), Couple at a Restaurant, Boy being attacked by Pigeons, Duck, Voila logo (Wild) Wine, Cheese and fruit symbol, Snails, Loving Couple Shopping and Tea Time. Mentioned symbols narrate the love story of Paris. Now, wear a pleasant fragrance and walk with me till the end.

How to Claim the Prime Bonus Ever!

Voila Mobile Slot is the real jewel in the crown. The mysterious effort here is to put on genuine effort while spinning. Take advantage of the bonus symbol that gives you a chance to score massively. By this I mean:

  • Triggering three or more scatters and earning 20 free spins which equal to 2x multiplier;
  • The spin round opens a door for the player to thirst for 60,000 coins of jackpot;
  • When the wild symbol or Eiffel tower is discovered, players bet is multiplied by 3x;
  • Landing five or more Voila Symbols and earn 1500 jackpot instantly;
  • Targeting in love couple emblems and earn from 150 to 250 coins.

What’s interesting is that the spins can be re-triggered at any point and time. Now that’s what I call the real deal. When keen, players aggregate winnings in double or even triple in advance.

It’s Gameplay Time!

The number of paylines from this slot says it all. As soon as all potential paylines are activated, the slot’s symbol appears randomly. They are visibly seen on the reels moving adjacently. To gain mentioned payouts the reels have to move from left to right.

The coin size range of Voila slot machine starts from 0.01 to 0.20. The player can opt to bet from 20 coins or below. Take a closer look at the Autospin feature where it directly activates 10 spins at once. For unique features, trick Voila menu.

Gamble feature welcomes a novice player with hopes and starry-eyes, and this is why:

  • It is a real game-changer
  • It gives the gambler a chance to stake or collect his/her payout with the aim of doubling them
  • It works when the player guesses a black or red card to either quadruple or double

However, caution should be taken when activating this feature. Why? An off-target move subsides the previous gamblers payouts.

Identify Your Spotlight and Win Tremendously

Just like Burning Desire and Cashanova Slot from Microgaming, Viola isn’t an exception. Congrats to them for capturing romance in Paris like in Hollywood Movies. Instead of making huge savings and planning for a trip to this city, spin and earn a jackpot.

Loads of enthusiasts fall in love with this game due to its simplicity. Its availability on a mobile device is another thing. Expert Mode gives the player an option to bet with less effort. On the contrary, the overall design of this slot is not up to the par.

Setting for less isn’t a please here, hit this game with profusion and let Lady Luck lead the way. Plan for a workable quest and declare your victory in minutes.

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