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Wheel of Fortune Slots is an online casino game that is based on a popular television show that aired back in the 70s. Just like the game show, Wheel of Fortune slots has attracted a large number of players due to its top-notch graphics, attractive symbols, and realistic sound effects. All these characteristics are attributed to a world-renowned gaming software provider IGT that is responsible for developing the game.

The most popular variation consists of 5 reels and 5 paylines that give a player 720 ways to win if a symbol appears on three or more reels. Some of the available symbols include fruits, cars, cruise ships, which are all popular game prizes on gaming television shows.

Wheel of Fortune in Game Features

  • The Wild Symbol
    The Wild symbol is special because it can replace any icon on the reels to improve your winning combinations. However, the Wild symbol cannot replace the Scatter or the Wheel of Fortune Logo.
  • The Scatter Symbol
    Every player loves bonuses, and that is why when three or more scatter symbols appear on the reel while playing this slot, excitement should build up in you. Three scatter symbols assure you a win of 25 coins, four scatter symbols will award you with 125 coins while five scatter coins guarantee you a win of 375 coins.

How to Play Wheel of Fortune Slots

Once you have selected your preferred online casino and the game has loaded, proceed to play. You do this by selecting the number of coins and the value of bets using the ‘+’ arrow which increases the betting amount and the ‘-‘ arrow that decreases the betting amount. Once you are satisfied, click on the spin button and hope for a winning combination to appear.

Minimum/Maximum Bets

The maximum bet you can place while playing this slot is $2500 that goes hand in hand with a maximum coin value of $50. On the other hand, the minimum bet and coin value you can wager are $50 and $1.0 respectively. The minimum bet is a good deal for low budget casino players.

In-Game Bonuses

  • The Wheel Bonus
    To trigger this feature, the Wheel of Fortune Logo has to appear thrice on the reels. Once this occurs, you win a fixed payout and can spin the rim as much as possible to land sweet rewards. However, the bonus is terminated once you land on the bankrupt option on the wheel.
  • The Wheel of Fortune Online Jackpot
    There is more than one way to land this jackpot a factor that makes this game far more exciting to play. For starters, you can trigger the jackpot by landing five wild symbols and two by having five bonus symbols on the reels. If you happen to have placed the maximum bet, then a $50,000 cash prize is yours to enjoy.

Play Money Feature

Are you new to this entertainment? If yes, play free Wheel of Fortune Casino slot machine that will help you sharpen your gaming skills without spending a dime. Once your gaming skills are spot on, proceed to play the game at your preferred online casino.

Take your exciting gaming experience wherever you go by playing it on your mobile device. This is possible due to IGT’s mobile casino app that avails the game on your mobile device.

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  1. kaboon says:

    there are 3 jackpots that I would really like to win. The interface is very simple, not intricate. I play in this slot more often when I have a desire to have a little fun and enjoy a simple game, yesterday I won $ 40 here, it’s always nice to win at least a small amount than lose money. Thanks for useful article – i didn’t know some thing ab this slot before reading it

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